Week of 11-3

November 05, 2016 by Oilfield Outkasts Charters, LLC.

Trip Info

The Catch
Barracuda (Great)
Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)
King Mackerel (Kingfish)
Rainbow Runner
Shark (Blacktip)
Shark (Mako)
Snapper (Red)
Snapper (Vermilion)

This report covers all of the fishing over the past week. We have had great days with the kingfish, spanish macks, redfish and shark. The red snapper are still around as well but finding limits of keepers is getting tougher when it should only get better. Our long runs out have been very interesting as we have caught many different species that are not the norm. We caught a longtail bass at a depth of 660’ and a small shorten mako while trolling 65 miles out. the fishing is still spectacular and we expect the red snapper to return in bigger numbers and larger in size anytime now.
Tight lines

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