6 hr in the ICW with Joe Wince & Sons

May 06, 2016 by Guy Spear

Trip Info

The Catch
Jack Crevalle
Speckled Trout

      We started at 10 am on the High Tide Change and fished the full fall. The trout, lady fish and jack crevalle bit thoughout the day. The reds bit the last half hour of the fall through slack. We caught 40 + jacks and ladyfish (that kept us busy for most of the day). Some of the lady fish were pushing 3 feet long (lots of fun - “Poor Man’s Tarpon” because they are strong fighters and jump a lot). The redfish we kept ranged from 23.5” to 26.5”, the slot for reds is 18” - 27”. The trout were 17.5” and 19.25”. As is fitting the youngest (Noah 11 years old) caught the biggest fish, a 26.5” redfish. Great fishing with ya’ll. We’ll see you next year.
      What’s with the Bananas?? Bananas are supposed to be bad luck on any fishing trip. I wonder what we would’ve caught without these on the boat.

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