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October 18, 2017 by Armando Alejo

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The fishing has been GREAT the past few weeks!  Again, the numbers are still out back of Flamingo!  I ventured out and fished out front on one trip recently and although the Speckled trout was good, the targeted species was scattered at best… I’m no weather specialist, but I feel like we need some consistency in the weather before the drum start to show in good numbers.  Although some drum have been caught, they are not out in the numbers we’d like (at least not for us when we have targeted them!)  Some drum have been caught on GULP shrimp (dark bronze) on 20 lb. braid and 20 lb. leader, bounced off the bottom near structure with current on east cape and neighboring creeks, while draining into the gulf [aka. A dropping tide]. 

The backcountry of Flamingo continues to produce Snook (common) in LARGE numbers with Tarpon sneaking into the action with some consistency as well.  We’ve targeted both Snook and Tarpon out back with a 100% artificial approach.  Both species have been caught in good numbers on either mirroDine plugs as well as “white bait” looking fly patterns!  This past Wednesday I had the pleasure of fishing with Jeff and Jean from Toronto Canada.  We found the same species for them and both were able to “jump” their first Tarpon and land a few juvenile Snook.  We closed the charter with some Speckled trout which they took for a fresh fish dinner at the Fish House in Key Largo.  All in all, these life long friends left pleased for the race the next day and their journey back home. 

Looking to fill charters for the weekend of 12/23 and the week following Christmas!  Offering special holiday deals, contact us for details!  Until then, tight lines! 

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