Пердидо-Ки Глубоководная рыбалка Рыбалка Рыбалка

Пердидо-Ки Глубоководная рыбалка Рыбалка Рыбалка

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Глубоководная рыбалка Рыбалка – Пердидо-Ки

Perdido Key is widely acknowledged for its inshore fishing, with a network of jetties, marshes, and sounds filled with Bull Red Drum. Deep sea fishing out of Perdido Key is more challenging as you need to venture 60 miles and beyond to get big game fish. It’s a test of will and stamina, but anglers who dare travel far might snatch some massive Yellowfin Tuna.

Where, when, and what to catch

Once you get past the 12 mile mark, you can get those outriggers out and start trolling for King Mackerel and Cobia, or drop downriggers and try getting Red Snapper. The season for Red Snapper is prone to change, but you can practice catch and release throughout the year.

Further out, some 30 miles into the Gulf of Mexico, where waters drop to 200 ft, you can target more Snapper, but can also do bottom fishing and aim for Grouper and Amberjack. You will find AJs in the water throughout the year, with Grouper numbers litting up come summer, but make sure to stay abreast of limits and regulations.

Often times, Perdido Key charters combine trolling and bottom fishing and take you on a roller coaster of a fishing trip. You’ll be fishing the top waters and the ocean floor on a same outing, and the fisheries lying 35+ miles offshore store true sport fishing gems. It’s here that you can get Mahi Mahi, Sailfish, Wahoo, Marlin, and if you’re persistent enough, a Swordfish or two.

Yellowfin Tuna swim far from the coast, around the oil rigs found 50+ miles offshore. To make this outing worth the while and increase your chances of a hefty catch, book an overnight trip. That way, you will be able to stay close the rigs past the dusk, and when the feeding action hits, cast the bait and start reeling. Super big Yellowfin Tunas have been caught of Petronas Rig lying 65 miles offshore.

How to get the fish

Live bait gets game fish all excited. The trick here is to strike balance and use enough chum to spark interest but not overfeed the fish. Once you stir things up with chum, you can start trolling, setting the right speed. For example, if you want Wahoo, Sailfish or Mahi, then fast trolling with live bait is the best choice.

You can get Yellowfin by trolling pinfish and chunking with Bonito. With Mahi Mahi, it’s best to imitate what Mahi like the best - flying fish. This mean trolling at such a speed to keep your bait atop the water and dive alternately. Wahoo will strike ballyhoo and mullet and won’t be fussy about the bait you present.

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Глубоководная рыбалка Рыбалка – Perdido Key – что говорят?

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It was a little windy and we had to rearrange our time and captain - we had a wonderful experience, though, and caught 4 sizeable red fish and cooked them for dinner that night!

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