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If you’ve always wanted to plumb the depths of the Gulf of Mexico for world-famous big game species, why not treat yourself to the best of both worlds and combine it with some bay action? Deep sea fishing in Mobile, Alabama gives guests the unique chance to pass through the plentiful Mobile Bay on their way to the Gulf. As well as battling Mahi Mahi, Marlin species, and other hard-fighters in the deep, this means you’ll be able to cast your lines  around the bay’s inshore waters and reefs to hook tasty table fare. 

What to Expect

Mobile is located at the northernmost point of Mobile Bay, which means you’ll have to pass through it in order to hit the Gulf’s deep sea hotspots. What does this mean? Well, for one thing, you’ll get to fill your cooler for bottom-dwelling Grouper and Snapper species before you try your hand at battling big game fish. 
Once you’ve hooked your fill of tasty table fare, you’ll head toward the bay’s “barrier islands,” which protect the bay from the Gulf. The most famous of these is probably Dauphin Island, thanks to its tourist-friendly vibe and the magnitude of charters on offer. It’s also the unofficial entrance to the Gulf of Mexico. When you see the famous Sand Island Lighthouse appear on the horizon, you know you’re on the way to some incredible deep sea angling action.
How far you’ll have to travel to reach the most plentiful spots entirely depends on what you’d like to catch, but fair warning: Deep sea fishing in Mobile isn’t for the faint of heart! Most captains hear recommend at least a full day trip in order to get the most out of these waters. It generally takes around 20 miles before you start coming face-to-gills with huge Snapper, including the mighty Red Snapper, Grouper, and Amberjack. 
If you want to hook those deep sea favorites, Blackfin or Yellowfin Tuna, you’ll often have to travel at least a whopping 60 miles before your battle begins. Marlin species show up around the 100-mile mark, making an overnight trip a must.

How to Prepare

Due to the traveling time involved, it’s generally recommended that guests who want to experience Mobile’s deep sea fishing have some angling experience under their belt. Basically, the further you’re prepared to travel, the more plentiful your trip will be! 
You’ll be provided with rods, reels, bait or lures, tackle, and a fishing license. All you need to bring along are snacks, drinks, and plenty of fighting spirit – deep sea fishing in Mobile rewards the brave!

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