Pacific Side busts open at the Cape

October 03, 2016 by Casey Carter

Trip Info

The Catch
Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)
Marlin (Striped)

It was blowing pretty good as we busted water up to the grounds past Los Arcos. The water was cobalt blue and 84 degrees and bait was thick on the meter. We could see bait breaking as we slowed to trolling speed and put the 30 lb. set ups out. It didnt take long for the 1st Dorado to hit and Sarah made quick business of that one With a mixes combo of feathers, ballyhoo, and small lures in the pattern it didnt take us long to limit out on Dorado. I dont think we trolled more than 8 miles in total. The Skippies were so thick we were stopping all thhe time,, and after limiting out on the Dorado we headed out to the Marlin grounds. We swapped out the rods and got the big guns out ready to have at it and we hadnt made it out past the drop off when the short flat was smoked by a Big Blue. We didnt get a good look at the bite but when she cleared water we knew it was big time! She jumped and blew water everywhere!! Massive violence was occuring as she shredded water and couldnt get her 700 plus pounds out of the water! We just had gotten our angler in the chair when the line went slack… dumped it…broke the line…  We retrieved the line and could see where she had jumped and landed on the 100 lb. test P-Line. We were massively bummed, we had new knots, new 100lb. test line, an 18 foot 400lb test leader. new hooks and a beautiful softhead blue and white lure with a pink inside skirt…..hey, prep all you want cause when big mama nails you she owns you for the 1st few minutes! She whupped us this time but we will be back. A beautiful fish for sure! We wiped off the dust and continued our day. We had caught 2 Striped Marlin by the time it was over. All in all it was a great day out and the fishing was excelent. But I still cant get that fish out of my mind, you only get a couple of shots at those fatties every season and it is haunting. Thats part of being a fisherman I guess, thats what keeps us coming back , Wont sleep well tonight. Maybe mañana…....

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