What would you recommend to anglers fishing in Chalong for the first time?

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Artchava Hongsakul
Carrollton, TX
Рыбачил с Funthaisea Game Fishing - Guzel Апрель 23, 2023
This was our first experience fishing in Chalong on a private booking for 3 best friends (although I had previously booked myself on several join-in trips), and there is no comparison! Expect more personal attention from the crew and more opportunity to catch fish on the private bookings, rather than sitting around waiting for your turn to take a pull whenever that rare "Fish on!" call is heard. Highly recommended for more serious anglers in a small fishing party, as well as for the first-timers!

Steven Turpin
Рыбачил с Beluga Fishing Tours Октябрь 26, 2023
Be patient but know there’s looks of fish here. Know the seasons and conditions.

Ben Hill
Melbourne, VIC
Рыбачил с Funthaisea Game Fishing - Guzel Май 12, 2023
Would recommend fishing earlier in the year January,February and March according to the crew is the best time

Robert Bowden
San Diego, CA
Рыбачил с Funthaisea Game Fishing - Guzel Март 11, 2023
Rough sea in the morning, calm and flat in the afternoon. Shallow water avg 40m

Willem Anton Nel
Phuket, 83
Рыбачил с Phuket Fishing Booking Май 1, 2019
Make sure about the weather for the selected day you want to go out on the sea if possible.