Американский голец Рыбалка

Американский голец Рыбалка

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Американский голец

Американский голец
  • Размер 0.66 to 6.61 lbs
  • Пищевая ценность Отлично
  • Игровые качества Отлично
  • Местообитания Lake, River

(Salvelinus fontinalis)

Also known as a Brook Charr, Speckled Trout, and Mud Trout (among others), the Brook Trout is one of America's favorite freshwater game fish. Its popularity is evidenced by the fact that 9 states in the US count it as their state fish. Everywhere from North Carolina to Vermont, you will find this species on the list of bucket list fish. 

Where to catch a Brook Trout

This attractive species is native to the north east of North America, mainly inhabiting areas from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic coast and up to the Arctic coast. Prefering cold, clear waters, it is most commonly found in mountain streams and lakes where water temperatures remain under about 55°F. Thanks to its popularity as a game and eating fish, it has been introduced to Argentina and Europe.

Fishing Techniques

Brook Trout are generally targeted in a similar way to their cousin, the Rainbow Trout. This means natural bait such as grasshoppers and may flies, small spinners, or flies. 4-6 lb test line and small hooks give the most rewarding experience for this species. 

Even though Brook Trout is a famously high quality food fish, it is common to practice catch and release to preserve the species. If you do intend to keep the fish, make sure to only retain what you intend to eat. Make sure to wet your hands before handing the Trout, as handling them with dry hands will rub the protective layer of slim off their skin, porentially causing the fish to die of infection.

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