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Unearth some of the gems of the Caribbean with Suya Tours. Head out from San Pedro and discover a world of diverse fishing. From inshore fly fishing to reef fishing offshore, and even the chance to go snorkeling, there’s no end to the fun you’ll have – all the while learning about the stunning nature of Belize.

Captain Rogel Sanchez is a native to the area. A passionate fisherman and Belizian, he promises to show you an authentic local fishing experience. He’ll take you to all the best fishing spots, and will even help you cook up your catch on a full day trip.

Light and nimble, the 28’ custom-built center console will carry you comfortably across the shallow waters, and she can take on the choppy waters, too. There’s plenty of space for up to 5 guests, while 2 people can engage in fly fishing adventures. Capt. Rogel will provide plenty of drinks and there’s a toilet on board, so you won’t worry about getting caught short.

When it comes to fishing, you’ll use the latest rods and reels along with live bait and a range of artificial lures. The shallow waters are home to some of the world’s most sought-after inshore fish. Test your skills on the fly against Tarpon, Permit, Bonefish, and more. These tough-fighting monsters will be a challenge for any angler, so make sure to bring your A-game.

Head out to the reefs and discover a range of exciting and delicious fish. Bottom fish these productive waters and land yourself a tasty treat for dinner. From Snappers and Groupers to Jacks, Barracuda, and even Mahi Mahi, there’s no end to what you can catch. Get ready to fill the boat!

On full day trips, you’ll break up the day by heading to the beach and grilling up your catch. Make sure not to fill up too much, though, as an afternoon of snorkeling lies ahead, and you’ll have some fish left over for dinner. Your captain will clean and fillet your catch, so head to a beachside restaurant and devour the fruits of your labor.

Hop aboard Suya Tours and hunt for treasure!

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  • Частный тур
    Full Day Trip – Fly Fishing (MAX 2)
    БЕСПЛАТНАЯ отмена – за 7 дней до рыбалки
    8-часовая рыбалка, начало в 7:00 AM
    до 5 человек
    If you've got some experience fly fishing, then this trip will blow you away. Spend 8 hours on the productive, pristine inshore waters, going after a range of tough-fighting, prized fish. Test your skills against Permit, Bonefish, and Tarpon, as you go after the catch of a lifetime just out of downtown San Pedro. Get ready for an intense workout under the tropical heat, so you'll be grateful for the free drinks on board, but don't forget to bring some sunscreen.
  • Частный тур
    Full Day Trip – Reefs
    БЕСПЛАТНАЯ отмена – за 7 дней до рыбалки
    9-часовая рыбалка, начало в 7:00 AM
    до 5 человек
    Get everything you could want out of the stunning Caribbean waters, just out from San Pedro. You'll start your day by fishing for your lunch. Go bottom fishing for Barracuda, Amberjack, Jack Crevalle, Grouper, and Snapper. Once you've caught your lunch, you can rock up at a local beach to savor your catch, where all drinks will be provided too. Cool off in the afternoon and go snorkeling to discover the abundant marine life around. Here you can also go lobster or conch hunting, whatever is in season!
  • Частный тур
    Half Day Trip – Reefs (MAX 4)
    БЕСПЛАТНАЯ отмена – за 7 дней до рыбалки
    5-часовая рыбалка, начало в 7:00 AM
    до 5 человек
    Discover the intricate networks of reefs in Belize's nearshore waters, as you go after a range of beautiful, exciting, and delicious fish. Up to 4 guests are welcome aboard to hit these productive fishing grounds, where you'll try your hand at bottom fishing. Go after Groupers, Snappers, Jacks, Barracudas, and many more prized species that will leave you wanting more.
  • Частный тур
    Half Day Trip – Fly Fishing (MAX 2)
    БЕСПЛАТНАЯ отмена – за 7 дней до рыбалки
    4-часовая рыбалка, начало в 7:00 AM
    до 5 человек
    There's nothing quite like the thrill of catching a monster fish on the fly. Come aboard this 4-hour adventure and target some prized species using all your skills. Just a stone's throw out from the shore, you'll find some tough-fighting Tarpon, Permit, and Bonefish, that will provide you with an exciting challenge to reel in.


Rogel Sanchez
Сан-Педро, Белиз
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Captain Rogel Sanchez is a true outdoorsman. He loves being at one with nature and just loves to discover new spots of natural beauty. A native to Belize, he's passionate about his home country and hopes to share his culture with you. He knows all there is about the reefs and other productive fishing grounds about, and can't wait to teach you about the beauty of his home shores.

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Амберджек Амберджек
Барракуда (большая) Барракуда (большая)
Альбула (большеглазая сельдь) Альбула (большеглазая сельдь)
Корифена (махи-махи) Корифена (махи-махи)

Чёрный групер Чёрный групер
Красный групер Красный групер
Большой каранкс Большой каранкс
Пермит (трахинотус) Пермит (трахинотус)

Луциан-кубера Луциан-кубера
Тарпон Тарпон
Тунец (желтоперый) Тунец (желтоперый)
Ваху (колючая пеламида) Ваху (колючая пеламида)

Спецификации судна

Custom-Built (Center console) построена в 2014. Мотор – 2 200 л.с. Yamaha.

8.5344 m
Кол-во человек
5 человек

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Прибрежная рыбалка
Рыбалка в открытом море
Рифовая рыбалка
Рыбалка на мелководье


Легкая снасть – рыбалка
Тяжелая снасть
Ужение на муху (нахлыст)
Подводная охота
Глубоководная рыбалка


Спасительные желеты
Оборудование для подводного плавания
Бак для наживки
Холодильная камера
Спасительные желеты
Оборудование для подводного плавания
Бак для наживки
Холодильная камера

В тур включено

Удочка, катушка и снасти
Чистка и разделка рыбы на филе
Первый помощник капитана
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