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Самые популярные туры – Сент-Мэрис

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"Morning half day"

Justin H. рыбачил с Captain Ken’s Fishing Expeditions Июль 23, 2019

Look up Cap. Ken. Dont go out looking for one type of fish. Just go out looking to catch anything biting and have a good time!

"Amazing Day!"

Keona F. рыбачил с Captain Ken’s Fishing Expeditions Май 18, 2019

Yes. With a patient Captain like Captain Ken and some good weather, you can't go wrong.

"3/4 day with Captain Ken"

Eric K. рыбачил с Captain Ken’s Fishing Expeditions Май 7, 2019

Bring your sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses! It's hot out on the water all day. Make sure you take a camera, because you want to be able to capture the fish and wildlife you'll see. We seen sea turtles, dolphins, manta rays, and stingrays.

"2/3 Day Trip with Captain Ken"

Alan W. рыбачил с Captain Ken’s Fishing Expeditions Апрель 9, 2019

Fishing is fishing, you never know what's going to bite on a specific day. We targeted Reds, Black Drum, Speckled Trout and Whiting. Only the Whiting would bite that day but we caught plenty of them. Don't be disappointed or mad at the captain if you didn't catch what you think you should have caught. It's fishing, if you understand that, you'll have a great time on the water.

What would you recommend to anglers fishing in St. Marys, Georgia for the first time?

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