Сейшельские острова Ужение на муху (нахлыст) Рыбалка Рыбалка

Сейшельские острова Ужение на муху (нахлыст) Рыбалка Рыбалка

Лучшая Ужение на муху (нахлыст) рыбалка – Сейшельские острова

Ужение на муху (нахлыст) Рыбалка – Сейшельские острова

There’s a reason why Seychelles is often described as “paradise on Earth.” This archipelago of islands is home to stunning white sandy beaches, deep blue waters, and a tropical rainforest. But did you know that it’s also home to some incredible angling action? If you’re looking to wet your line and test your skills in a picture-perfect landscape, fly fishing in Seychelles is something that simply cannot be beat. Grab your favorite rod and come discover that there’s much more to this slice of paradise than meets the eye!

Where to Go

A Bonefisherman’s Paradise

Considered by many anglers to be “The Indian Ocean’s heaven,” the flats surrounding Alphonse Island are bustling with a variety of incredible species. In particular, this area is considered to be one of the world’s best Bonefish fisheries! Fly fishermen can also test their skills against Permit and Giant Trevally, which put up an awesome fight. Want to stray from the flats? You can fly fish for species such as Grouper, Snapper, and Triggerfish around the corals, too.
If you have more experience under your belt and want to earn serious bragging rights, you can also target the Milkfish. This species was long thought of as impossible to hook on the fly, but Alphonse captains have unlocked the secret. If you choose to travel with a local charter, they might share it with you!

Hook the “Gangster of the Flats”

Yep, we’re talking about the mighty Giant Trevally! Known for its brutish attitude, battling this fish using conventional rods and reels can be challenging enough. Why not really push yourself, and target it on the fly? Farquhar Atoll offers anglers the chance to do just that. The best way to access the fishing opportunities here is by traveling with a local captain. It’s common for guests to stay at fishing lodges on the island, where you’ll also find plenty of local fishing tips, too!
It’s impossible to talk about Giant Trevally fishing without mentioning Cosmoledo Atoll. Considered to be one of the best GT fisheries in the world, this location offers up a truly explosive flats fly fishing experience. These waters are ruled by Giant Trevally, most of which reach huge sizes. Even better? It’s common for local captains to help visiting anglers wade these waters in addition to casting off from a skiff. This means you can have an up-close-and-personal experience with these fish!

Bonus: Big Game Fishing on the Fly

Fly fishing in Seychelles isn’t just about the flats. You can also choose to chase big game fish using this technique! The atolls of Farquhar and Cosmoledo offer access to offshore waters that hold some impressive offshore species, including Tuna and Marlin varieties, Sailfish, and Mahi Mahi. You can choose to spend your entire trip targeting these bad boys, or mix it up with some flats fishing.

How to Prepare

Anglers don’t need a fishing license to cast off on the fly, but you will most likely need to bring your own fly gear. Not sure of what weight is best? Consult a local captain, who will be able to fill you in on some tips and tricks of the island. Come discover why fly fishing in Seychelles gives a whole new meaning to its reputation as paradise!
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Ужение на муху (нахлыст) Рыбалка – Seychelles – что говорят?

Half day trip with Christian and Daniel
Chris P. рыбачил с Angel Tours Seychelles Май 29, 2018
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Relie on the knowledge of your skipper and be reasonable with your expectations dependant on your length of trip ie don’t expect to catch a Marlin on a 3 hour Trip !
Half day
Steven W. рыбачил с Billy’s Charter Апрель 23, 2018
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Anytime. Great experience. Lovely weather. Good fishing

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