Австралия Ужение на муху (нахлыст) Рыбалка Рыбалка

Австралия Ужение на муху (нахлыст) Рыбалка Рыбалка

Лучшая Ужение на муху (нахлыст) рыбалка – Австралия

Ужение на муху (нахлыст) Рыбалка – Австралия

The fly fishing Australia is known for features trophy-sized catches and variety. Australia comprises of six states, each offering their own incredible fishing opportunities. The huge size means diversity – both inshore and offshore fishing offer landscapes and species that will have you on the water for hours. Depending on where you fish from, you can head into freshwater for Barramundi, or head offshore for Blue, Black, and Striped Marlin. All these and more are commonly targeted on the fly!

What to Catch

Possibly the most iconic species to fly fish for in Australia is the Barramundi. This iconic fish can be found in a multitude of places, both along the coast and inland in freshwater. Head to the tropical Top End of Oz to find these beauties.

More experienced anglers can go fly fishing for Black Marlin. Juvenile Black Marlin head to the shallows when migrating, and these are perfect to target with the fly.

Other top species available include Black Bream, Cobia, Coral Trout, Queenfish, Mangrove Snapper, Spanish Mackerel, Tarpon, Threadfin Salmon, Javelin Grunter, Nannygai, Sweetlip Emperor, and many more. The action never stops!

Where to Go

The east coast of Australia is renowned for excellent, record-breaking fishing. Queensland and New South Wales are incredible fishing spots. Western Australia has its fair share of fishing spots that you’ll want to check out, too. And don’t forget the Northern Territory for some of the best Barramundi fishing on the planet!


Fly fishing in Queensland will keep you busy! It’s known as one of the best fly fishing spots in Australia, with opportunities galore for snagging your dream fish. Coastal towns here are also the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, as well as top islands, such as Fraser Island, the Whitsunday Islands, Hinchinbrook Island, and more. Head to creeks for Barramundi, as well as Threadfin Salmon, or offshore for Black, Striped, and Blue Marlin. With a mix of tropical and subtropical species around, the fishing is non-stop, rod-bending action! Keep an eye out for Sharks, they will bite your hooked fish.


Over in Perth, you can target giant Herring, Mulloway, Flathead, and many more. Choose to head offshore or on the Swan River – here is where you’ll encounter plenty of Black Bream to keep you busy. You’ll want to make time to head to Trigg Island, Sorrento, and Hillarys. You’ll be targeting Tailor as well as large Samson. Hours can be spent fly fishing around the reefs and wrecks.


Excellent fly fishing can be found in Exmouth. Head towards the continental shelf from North West Cape for a huge variety of species. Ningaloo Reef is a paradise for fishing and diving. Drive an hour towards the Exmouth Gulf, where the marine life is rich. Fly fish for Indo-Pacific Permit and Bonefish – you’ll definitely hook a personal best here.


Darwin is incredible year round. This is the place to go fly fishing for Barramundi. Other great species you can catch include Golden Trevally, Longtail Tuna, Yellowfin Bream, and many more. Rivers, estuaries, and offshore options will keep you busy.

How to Fish 

  • Alter your fly to the conditions and size of Barramundi you wish to target. Large Barramundi, in saltwater, will need a large bright fly. In murky water, a gold and black fly with a rattle would be needed instead.

  • Remember that Barramundi have sharp edges on their gill plates – they will use this to their advantage once hooked. Have an intermediate line with a 10 wt rod when targeting these awesome fish.

  • When going after Black Marlin, use a maximum 16 wt rod.

It’s highly recommended to have a guide with you. These waters can be treacherous, with poisonous fish, saltwater crocodiles (the largest reptile in the world, locally called a saltie), and strong tides.

When to Go

Primetime to catch Barramundi is from February to April, but these fish can still be caught until October. Head to the Great Barrier Reef for Black Marlin from May to November.

There’s no better time to go down under. The options for fly fishing in Australia will keep you on your toes. There’s something for everyone here, no matter how long you’ve been fly fishing.

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Ужение на муху (нахлыст) самых популярных туров – Австралия

Ужение на муху (нахлыст) Рыбалка – Australia – что говорят?

January fishing trip
Ivana O. рыбачил с Out N About Sportfishing Январь 20, 2020
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Didn’t catch any of legal doze on the day, but had heaps of fun. Would go again and will for sure.
Half day trip with captain Brian and 1st mate billy
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Best at high tide and even better if you go out on a boat or charter
Half day trip with Captain Brian and decky Billy
Jason Q. рыбачил с Top Gear Fishing Charters Декабрь 23, 2019
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Fishing is fishing, sometimes you catch fish sometimes you don't. Don't get upset if you expect something and it doesn't work out.
Half day fishing trip
Siyu W. рыбачил с Top Gear Fishing Charters Декабрь 15, 2019
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Take motion sickness medicine before the trip, wear sandals as your shoes will get wet.
Morning trip with Justin
Vicki G. рыбачил с All Tackle Sportfishing Октябрь 31, 2019
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The weather starts to get a bit rainy after October.
Afternoon half day trip on 18 Sep.
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Everything ready onboarding, friendly crew and beautiful scenery.
Half day trip with Captain Lincoln. From Steve and Rinna
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Recommend Captain Lincoln to anyone had a great time fishing
Half day trip
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Target bottom species in August there won’t be any Pelagics around

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