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Луизиана Боуфишинг Рыбалка Рыбалка

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Боуфишинг Рыбалка – Луизиана

It’s time for your Robin Hood moment! The bowfishing Louisiana has to offer is legendary. You don’t need experience to bowfish, just plenty of enthusiasm to learn and a strong shoulder to pull the bow back. It will be challenging, but you’ll feel fantastic once you hit your intended target. 

What to Catch

Once the sun sets and you’ve had a chat regarding bowfishing safety, you’ll be ready to target Redfish, Black Drum, Sheepshead, Catfish, Flounder, Garfish, and more. The limit on Redfish is five per person, with a minimum length of 16 inches.

Where to Go

Southern LA offers the best places to bowfish. There are plenty of marshes here for boats to head into – these waters are shallow enough for bowfishing.

Port Sulphur Marsh

Port Sulphur is located along the west bank of the Mississippi River. This is an awesome place to go bowfishing due to the variety of bays, channels, and bayous to choose from. Charters here specialize in bowfishing. Large Redfish is the top catch you’ll want to aim for, although you’ll also have Alligator Gar, Catfish, Flounder, and others to keep you busy, too.

Saint Bernard

An hour-and-a-half north of Port Sulphur is Saint Bernard. The bayous and channels here are perfect for bowfishing. You’ll likely reach your limit of Redfish before the trip is through – don’t worry, there are still plenty of other species to target.

Grand Isle

Grand Isle is an area of bayous, bays, and marshes that are on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico. This area is great for bowfishing – you’ll find all the top bowfishing species here, such as Flounder, Redfish, and Sheepshead. From here, you can easily access the productive waters of Leeville, just 30 minutes north via the LA-1 N.

Plaquemines Parish

A short 30-minute drive south from Port Sulphur will bring you to Plaquemines Parish. This is where the Mississippi River meets the Gulf of Mexico – and this saltwater fishery offers great opportunities for bowfishing. Luckily, the boat you’ll be fishing from will have plenty of lighting underneath, to brighten up these waters.

LA Bowfishing Tips

  • There are some species you must not shoot! In LA, these include Stingrays, Bass, and other animals, such as ducks, dolphins, and alligators. Don’t forget, bowfishing is a very permanent type of fishing! Always head out with an experienced guide, so you can avoid shooting a protected species.

  • Generally, children will use bows that have a draw weight of 20 pounds. Bows for adults can have double that. Guides in LA will have the necessary gear on board.

  • Due to the reflection of the fish in the water, you’ll need to aim lower than you think you should. Your guide will give you instructions and a safety briefing before the trip begins.

  • You will need to purchase a license before beginning your trip. Visitors to Louisiana will need a 3-day Charter Fishing License. Locals should purchase a Basic Fishing License and a Saltwater License.

When to Go

Bowfishing is a great type of fishing as it’s possible to do all year round. However, bowfishing always happens in the evenings, after sunset.  

It’s time to experience fishing in a whole new way. Louisiana is a sportfishing paradise, and bowfishing in Louisiana waters is just as exciting as casting lines. Even if you’ve never picked up a bow before, you’ll be a fishing Legolas before you know it!

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Ask the research living accommodations and ask the the Captain about living accommodations Ask about fishing license
Full day with Captain Matt
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Be sure to apply lots of sunscreen, wear a large brimmed hat, and long sleeve fishing shirt to protect from the sun. If you have issues tolerating extreme heat, bring shammies.
Best Fishing Trip Ever!
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Come ready to catch fish and have a great time.
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Right now,our Weather condition is horrible.
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Take sunscreen or wear long sleeve shirts. Be prepared for weather.
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Be kind and tip your boat crew!! Bring plenty of drinks!!!
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It's good in the morning and possibly evening but once it's hot they stop biting. Hydrate early and often. It was recommended to go October thru January for speckled trout.

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