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Known as the “Fisherman’s Paradise” and home to the famous Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament, Morehead City is top on the list for many anglers looking for their next record-breaking trophy. If you're itching for some unforgettable deep sea fishing, Morehead City will give you exactly that, and so much more. With the Gulf Stream at its doorstep and a rich fishing history, this Crystal Coast city is where the most ambitious fishing dreams come true.

What to Catch 

When it comes to the species you can catch in these prolific waters, just name any Gulfstream prestigious fish, and Morehead City will have you covered. Go after Sailfish, White and Blue Marlin, Bluefin and Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, and get ready for the epic battles in deep crystal waters. Apart from these A-listers, you can also expect to cross paths with Amberjack, King Mackerel, Cobia, Barracuda, Grouper, Snapper, and the list keeps on impressing. These deep waters are all about variety and abundance. 

Where to Go 

The offshore magic happens just when you pass the Beaufort Inlet. The hottest deep sea fishing spots are located 40–60 miles from shore, and it will usually take you a couple of hours to reach them, depending on where you’re headed. Fishing the Continental Shelf will give you the opportunity to reel in any of the Atlantic VIPs you set your mind to, be it Tuna, Sailfish, Marlin, Mahi Mahi, or Wahoo. These trips usually last 10–12 hours, which will give you enough time to cover all the top fishing grounds and target all the species your heart desires.
About 40 miles to the beginning of the continental dropoff, there’s a ledge called ‘Emerald Ledge,’ and this is where popular fishing spots like ‘Big Hole’ and ‘Big Rock’ are. Once you get 70 miles offshore, you’re at an enormous dropoff that goes from 700–2500 feet deep in under 10 miles. This is why a trip longer than 12 hours would be really worthwhile – that would attract a great deal of marine life!  
In case you're up for something closer to shore but still want to get a taste of the open ocean, 3/4 day trips will take you 20–30 miles from the coast, where you'll be exploring offshore reefs and wrecks. This is a perfect option for novice anglers looking to get the most out of their first offshore trip and it will have them battling Mahi Mahi, Cobia, Barracuda, and King Mackerel.  

How to Fish 

  • Trolling is the name of the game in these waters, whether more than 50 miles offshore or over reefs and wrecks. Both light and heavy tackle are used, as well as planer boards with multiple rods and teasers. Trolling spreads in the area cover so much ground in terms of teasers and lures that they’ve been dubbed the “Carolina catch-all".
  • Freelining with squid can be very efficient when targeting Mahi Mahi, while trolling cedar plugs and stick lures at 10–15 mph is the way to go if you want to land Wahoo. 
  • If Sailfish is what you're after, you'll be going over 50 miles offshore, and many anglers recommend using Sea Witch combined with strip bait.
  • Apart from trolling, you can also do some bottom fishing for Grouper, Snapper, Bass, and Triggerfish, as well as jigging for Tuna, Cobia, Grouper, and Jacks. 

When to Go 

The best offshore action happens during summer, peaking in May and June. However, when it comes to Bluefin Tuna, winter is the best time. December–February is all about monster Bluefin. Most of the offshore species can be caught from April–October, but you should focus on specific months if you want to target particular species. 
The best time for Blue Marlin is May and June, while White Marlin’s prime season extends from May to September. If you want to go after Sailfish, book a trip between July and October. Mahi fishing is the best from May–August, when the prime Wahoo season starts (August–November). The most productive time for Yellowfin Tuna fishing is March–May.
When planning your fishing adventure in Morehead City, don't forget about the variety of Crystal Coast fishing tournaments you can take part in. Go deep sea fishing Morehead City, NC at the right time of year, and your next record-breaker could be around the corner.
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Get there early for parking and be ready for the heat
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3/4 day trip with Captain Pete and Mate Greg.
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It could be extremely hot in September.
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Morehead has everything you need for a great day of fishing, from tackle shop to charters.
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Easy parking and quick access to fishing grounds.

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