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Глубоководная рыбалка Рыбалка – Мэн

When you think of deep sea fishing, Maine might not jump to mind immediately. But it should! With a huge coastline and some of the cleanest waters in the U.S., the Gulf of Maine offers anglers the opportunity to reel in some huge trophy Bluefin Tuna – some of the biggest in the world!

Giant Tuna isn’t all that you’ll see out here. An assortment of gentle giants are regular visitors – humpback, minke, and finback whales can be seen on most deep sea trips.

What to Catch

The most prestigious fish you can hope to catch when deep sea fishing out of Maine is the Bluefin Tuna. These can regularly reach 900 pounds. Under federal regulations, Tuna over 73 inches are to be sold by the boat commercially.

Fishing for Sharks is a major part of deep sea fishing here. Expect to reel in Blue Shark, Porbeagle, Thresher, and Mako. In summer the waters are teeming with Blue Shark, which can weigh up to 300 pounds and reach 12 feet in length.

Deep sea fishing trips in Maine also include bottom fishing. You’ll be able to target Haddock, Cod, Pollock, Cusk, Halibut, Monkfish, and Hake. These fish are great table fare, but keep an eye on regulations for size and limits of fish, as some, like Cod, must be released.

Where to Go

Unlike deep sea fishing in the south of the U.S, you don’t need to head out hundreds of miles to hit the deeper waters. Distances of 30 miles can put you into water 400 feet deep in the Gulf of Maine. You’ll want to book a charter of 10 hours minimum to give you the best chance of catching your trophy fish. There are plenty of spots that you can fish from. Below are some of the top spots.

Mistaken Ground

Head out 10 miles from New Ledge to the Mistaken Ground, which reaches depths of 600 feet! A lot of smaller fishing vessels stop here, as the fish stick around even in the winter. Cod and Cusk have two peaks, between May and July, and again from October to November. Also found during the winter are Hake, Pollock, and Haddock – at this time of year, you can either go ice fishing inland or deep sea fishing!

The Kettle

The Kettle can be found 10 miles south of Seguin Island. It is a hugely popular plateau-like expanse that reaches depths of 350 feet, although it can be 150 feet in some places – perfect fishing conditions. Come between June and September and try trolling to hit those huge Bluefin Tuna. This is also a hot spot for Shark fishing, and for bottom fishing for Hake, Haddock, Cusk, Cod, and Pollock.

Jeffreys Ledge

Head out of any of the southwest ports in Maine and you’re sure to swing by Jeffreys Ledge. Up to 30 miles from shore and reaching depths of 300 feet, the Ledge is great for Bluefin Tuna, Cod, Pollock, Haddock, and Shark. In July, you might even find a Halibut or two!

Boon Island

Just 6 miles offshore is Boon Island, where the seafloor rapidly drops to 360 feet. Mix up your day by targeting both Bluefin Tuna and Cod, Haddock, and Cusk. This is one of the prime winter fishing spots for Haddock in the area.

The Garden

From Eagle Island you can find The Garden. This small area is around 2 miles long but has varying depths from 200–360 feet. This is a prime fishery in the fall for Cod, and in the spring for Cod, Haddock, and Cusk.

How to Fish

  • Deep sea fishing off of Maine is all about using different methods to get the most out of your trip. You’ll be deep jigging, bottom fishing, and trolling.

  • When targeting giant Tuna, you’ll need strong tackle! Use rods up to 130 lb test for best results.

  • For bottom fishing for Cod and Haddock, a medium power rod is needed, with a braided line. Jigging is the most effective method to catch your fill.

When to Go

Fishing out of Maine is most productive in the warmer months. The best time to fish is between April and October. If you’ve got a winter vacation booked, fish with a captain who can take you to the productive winter spots.

If you’re after world-class Tuna, deep sea fishing in Maine is your best chance of reeling in these huge predators. There’s something to catch throughout the year – you’ll have a blast reeling in the fish that call these waters home.

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July fishing trip
Thomas U. рыбачил с Fin N Juice Июль 10, 2021
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Go with fin N juice and let him show you how it's done.
Half day morning with Champagne Charters
Bernard M. рыбачил с Champagne Charter Co Август 14, 2019
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Get up early and fish with Champagne Charters!!
Half day inshore
Erik R. рыбачил с Maine Tuna Fishing Июль 17, 2019
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Book a morning trip to increase your odds and stay away from the heat. The ocean is rougher than you would think, keep that in mind if you have a weak stomach and if you have balance issues.
Awesome experience
Christoph E. рыбачил с Mainely Blue Charters Июль 17, 2019
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Be prepared for a great experience - enjoy the nature and if you are lucky you will catch some striped bass and other incredible fish.
Best day of our vacation!
Marc B. рыбачил с Maine Tuna Fishing Июль 9, 2019
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Book for a full day if you want to bring back your quota. It takes two hours to get to Jeffrey Ledge which is where you want to be.
6 AM - 4 hour trip
Tony J. рыбачил с Seawalker Excursions Июнь 15, 2019
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Make sure that you talk to local fishermen to know what fish are biting and where they can be found.
Fun time with captain Matt Roy
Sal B. рыбачил с Stickin' It Out Charters Июль 14, 2018
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
This was my first time fishing in Scarborough It’s hard to say but it seemed Good. Our captain was very knowledgeable so I’m not sure if you would do as well on your own or with a less experienced captain
Sunset on the water
Brad W. рыбачил с Champagne Charter Co Июль 2, 2018
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Enjoy your experience, fishing was great!

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