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Глостер Глубоководная рыбалка Рыбалка Рыбалка

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Глубоководная рыбалка Рыбалка – Глостер

Gloucester is blessed with great bluewater angling all summer long. The deep sea fishing Gloucester has access to is enough to give even Cape Cod a run for its money. Fishing spots start an easy cruise from town and get the hits just get better the further you go from shore. 
Every summer, huge numbers of Bluefin Tuna migrate along the coast. Monster Pelagic Sharks hunt the deeps in search of anything that moves. If you head far enough, you can find Blue and White Marlin, Swordfish, Tuna, and Sharks, all swarming around the same spots. If Gloucester’s big game fishing sounds too good to be true, you just haven’t tried it yet.

What can I expect from a deep sea fishing trip?

You’ll need a minimum of 10 hours to really experience Gloucester’s deep sea scene. 12-hour charters are the norm, taking you 40+ miles to one of the area’s many bluewater battlegrounds. 
The closest action is at Stellwagen Bank. This legendary fishery is known for its big Bluefin and close proximity to Cape Cod. You can get some awesome hookups when the bite is good here, but with anglers coming from both Boston and the cape, the fishing pressure can often be high.
So let the crowds flock to the Bank, there are plenty of more remote spots that have even better action. Jeffrey’s ledge is a “nearby” spot, sitting 30 miles up the coast from Gloucester. Here you can find big Bluefin and pelagic Sharks, as well as some tasty Cod and Pollock for dinner.
If you’re up for heading further, you won’t be disappointed. The more remote deep sea ledges hold some of the biggest Sharks you’ll ever see. Blue, Mako, Thresher, Porbeagle, and even Great White Sharks have been hooked offshore, some weighing over 500 pounds. You can also find Bluefin Tuna, and you may even find Marlin following warm currents in on a hot summer’s day.

How much will it cost?

A twelve-hour Tuna and Shark trip will cost you between $1,000 and $1500, depending on the size of the boat. The best waters can be 80 miles away, so you’ll have to choose between small and fast or large and comfortable. You can find nine or ten-hour trips heading to Stellwagen Bank if you don’t like long hauls. Wherever you go, you’ll be in for some serious action. It just depends on how many boats you want to share it with.

Fishing techniques

Gloucester Tuna fishing usually focuses on trolling or jigging. Dressed baits and lures both get great results when trolling. The same is true for soft plastic and metals when jigging. Sharks are drawn in with chum slicks and battled on super-heavy tackle. This is real brute force fishing and makes for one heck of a battle.

Need to Know

You need a saltwater fishing license to enjoy the area’s awesome angling. Pick one up from a local approved vendor, or order one online to save time when you get there.
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