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West Palm Beach deep sea fishing has a lot going for it. The summer seas are a blur of high-speed trolling spreads and the winter skies are dotted with colorful kites. No matter when you come, West Palm Beach’s large charter fleet and experienced fishing guides will get you right on the best action for the revolving door of big game pelagic species.
The city is blessed with the perfect terrain for world-class sportfishing. The sea floor drops dramatically as soon as you leave the shore, letting you target species like Wahoo and Mahi Mahi within sight of town. As if that wasn’t enough, the rich feeding grounds of the Gulf Stream come within 10 miles of land at times and are never more than 20 miles out.
What can I expect from a deep sea fishing trip?
In the hot summer months, the currents offshore play home to one of the best mix of fish imaginable. Blue and White Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, and Yellowfin Tuna spend the summer here. In June, it’s even possible to target the all in one day! 
And that’s without getting started on the monster Swordfish which lurk in the deep. Daytime swordfishing has exploded over the last few years, pioneered right here in Southeast Florida. West Palm Beach charter boats offer both daytime and nighttime Swordfishing trips, fishing as deep as 2000 feet in the day.
During the winter, huge numbers of Sailfish make the Florida Straits their home. Sailfish is Florida’s state saltwater fish and with good reason: lucky anglers have hooked over 80 Sails in a day out at “Sailfish Alley”. West Palm Beach Fishing Club also hosts the oldest sailfishing tournament in the world, the Silver Sailfish Derby, which has been drawing competitive anglers for over 80 years.
How much will it cost?
You can spend a half day targeting Mahi Mahi and Wahoo aboard a modern center console and spend under $500 including tip. If you fancy staying out longer, a full day charter costs around $600 and can get you on Sailfish, Tuna, and even Marlin.
For the best billfishing experience, it’s well worth upgrading to something a bit bigger. Local sportfishing boats start in the 30-foot range, but some of the biggest cruisers are double that. They’re double the price, but come with ten times the equipment. If you want to land big billfish, this is where you want to be.
Fishing Techniques
You’ll mainly be trolling for Blue and White Marlin, with dressed Ballyhoo and the occasional live, bridled Skipjack or Bonito. Trolling lures is always a possibility, especially on larger boats. Let your captain know if this is more your style, he should be happy to oblige.
In the winter, most boats pack away their trolling gear and crack out their kites. Kite fishing live bait is the go-to tactic for bringing in big Sailfish. Not only is this a fun and effective way of targeting them, it also means you’ll be driving right into the wind – very welcome on wild winter days.
Swordfishing involves dropping 10-15 pounds of lead on a long leader, with blinking lights to draw the fish close and whole, live or frozen squid to get them to bite. Once hooked, their instinct is to dive, so heavy electric reels are essential unless you’re a champion weightlifter. Especially in the daytime when they’re 1000 feet down.
Need to Know
Fishing licenses are covered by the boat’s registration aboard all certified Florida fishing charters. You may need to pay extra for bait when kite fishing for Sailfish. These will cost anywhere from $50-$80 a dozen, depending on what you’re using.
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