Great Bite @ San Juan Bay Puerto Rico

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Lots of action this morning.  6/1, a combination of Jacks, Snook and Tarpon.  Congratulations to Kai and Helms power team from NJ for catching their biggest fish yet. 

A high barometric pressure today due to a cold front, produced 6-8 foot waves OFFSHORE but thankfully our action occurs INSHORE at the calm waters of the San Juan Bay.  In other words the sea conditions out there only produced an incredible bite action in the bay and without the hassle of dealing with unfavorable sea conditions.  We only had 8 - 9 knot winds with about only 1-2 feet waves which is excellent to enjoy a great day at the bay.  This weather conditions lighted up the big fish bite.  Our guests Kai and Helms experienced a very active and aggressive rod bending action and even a 70 plus Tarpon fly as he, unfortunately, pulled the hook.  Never the less, they manage to capitalize on the biggest fish of their lives yet with a pretty long and fun fight.

We will keep you posted but looking forward in having you as a guest so you can also see it and enjoy it first hand.

Gracias amigos!
Captain Luis Burgos
Bayside Fishing Charters @ San Juan Bay, Puerto Rico

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