Tarpon! 50-60 lb Class

July 22, 2017 by Armando Alejo

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The Catch

Greetings FishingBooker community!  Yesterday we had the pleasure of targeting Tarpon (AKA.  The mighty SILVER KING).  We hooked and landed two, and although that sounds like too few, you’d understand if you knew how difficult these fish are to hook and LAND.  We sight fished a dropping tide out of Whitewater bay and looked for rollers… It didn’t take long friends before we came upon a school that held many.  My client and I both took shots, and it wasn’t long before we had a double!  My client landed his (in the 10-20 lb class) as I casted and hooked a Poon in the 50-60 lb class… It was a grueling fight, but my IRT reel held this King at bay… with 20 lb braid and ultra light tackle we brought the fish to the boat after approximately 40 mins.  (keeping her in the water according to FWC regs).  I was extremely impressed with the strength and sheer power this fish as it took long and hard runs, lucky there wasn’t any structure in the surrounding area to put the landing at risk.  We closed the charter looking for Snook, we hooked and landed one on a fly and lost a second to the trecherous barnacle covered mangrove shoreline (we estimated the Linesider at approximately 10 lbs.).

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