slow pitch jigging grouper and snapper
Май 10, 2023 Hudson 2 фото
Grouper (Red)
Красный групер
Snapper (Red)
Красный луциан (снэппер)
Grouper (Gag)
Шутовский групер
Snapper (Vermilion)
Крупноголовый луциан

Описание тура

The red grouper bite and red snapper bite remaining super strong here the last few weeks. limits of red grouper every trip out. If your into slow pitch jigging these groupers and snappers have been slamming the slow pitch jigs. slow pitch jigging is super fun and it proves to catch some of the best quality size fish as well. Red grouper season comes to a close july 21st so get your trips booked before season ends.
Chad Bentley
Hudson, Florida, United States
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Bentley fishing Charters provides offshore adventures on Florida’s gulf west coast. This charter is owned and operated by Captain Chad Bentley who loves fishing and sharing the excitement of watching his guests catch there fish of a lifetime. He val...

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