Hammer Time
Декабрь 01, 2016 St. Petersburg 9 Фотографии
Jack Crevalle
Большой каранкс
Shark (Blacktip)
Черноперая акула
Shark (Hammerhead)
Snapper (Mangrove)
Серый луциан
Spanish Mackerel
Испанская макрель
Spotted Seatrout
Пятнистый горбыль

Trip Summary

Took out four super cool clients on vacation from Sweden for a very interesting day on the water. The morning was SUPER foggy and only allowed us to see as far as we could cast. Not wanting to venture out too far, we anchored just off the beach about a half mile and got into a wide-open Hammerhead Shark bite! At our second spot, we hooked up with some Spanish Mackerel and more sharks on live greenbacks. A crazy black sky chased us off our third spot and so we ran inside the bridge and finished the day catching Snapper with live shrimp. Near the end of the trip, the sun came out and everything was calm. Figures...
Hank Valencia
St-petersburg, Florida, United States
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Fishing out of John’s Pass, Deep Color Fishing specializes in fishing the reefs and wrecks in state waters. Captain Hank Valencia is an expert at giving anglers the chance to fish some very productive spots at a very reasonable price. You’ll h...

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