Tight lines
Май 04, 2023 Miami Beach 1 фото
Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)
Корифена (махи-махи)
Grouper (Black)
Чёрный групер
Tuna (Blackfin)
Тунец (атлантический)

Описание тура

Greay afternoon on the water. We have such a vast fishery minutes from the marina. Our client today was tight to large black fin tuna. We had several shots at sailfish through out the day
The Charter Agency LLC
Miami-beach, Florida, United States
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The Charter Agency has a trip with your name on it along the stunning waters of Miami Beach. Amberjack, Great Barracuda, Cobia, Mahi Mahi, Black Grouper, Snowy Grouper, African Pompano Jack, Kingfish, Blue Marlin, White Marlin, False Albacore, Sailfish, a...

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