Fishing Frenzy!

September 11, 2016 by Casey Carter

Trip Info

The Catch
Marlin (Striped)
Tuna (Yellowfin)

We pulled out of the marina and hit the inshore grounds past Faro Viejo well befor daybreak. We hadnt had the lines in 10 minutes when the reels were screaming! Both 30 pound setups with small feathers were burning line! Our anglers were on it and in no time we had a couple of Yellowfin Tuna in the bag.  This was the start of an epic day!  We continued our couse haeaded towards the Los Arcos area, tacking in and out from 150-300 feet and picked up another nice Tuna! Then as we reached the Margarita area the dorado started to hit with a frenzy! It was feeding time and those golden grabbers were all over everything! We would raise the school on jijbites and pitch a live bait Caballito into the school and BAM it was multiple hookups! We loaded big time on the Mahi and decided to swing out to deeper water for a marlin. I had one client in my ear murmuring marlin marlin marlin since we pulled out. It was time to quiet this guy down and let him tug on a big one. We went to the dropoff just above Cerros del Golden in about 500 feet of water and switched up to the 50 lb. setups. We had a sewed deadbait medium flat, 2 medium Elkins Swimmers in the long corner and short rigger, and a ballyhoo in the long rigger and long out the back in the stinger. How could we miss? We couldnt as a little Striped Marlin was all over the ballyhoo after just 5 minutes. We hooked that little rascal but he shook the hook after a couple of minutes. My murmuring client was big time bummed, but it didnt take long to wipe that frown off his mug. A nice Striped Marlin came in on the Elkins and before he had a chance to get ahold of it ,my Deckboss Gallo had presented him a dropback livebait Caballito that he couldnt resist ! Frown face was all over it and seventeen minutes later he had caught and released his 1st Marlin! Our amigo was all smiles now and did quite a good job fighting the fish!  We turned back to make the troll towards home and in the transcourse we limited out on Dorado and caught 3 more tuna! It was a smoking day onboard Picudo! Gotta love September in Cabo! The sea temps are hovering in the mid 80s and the bait is in thick, this thing is just liable to bust wide open! Cant beat Fall in Cabo San Lucas! It gets no better! Yar!!

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