red grouper limit, snapper side

July 29, 2016 by Daniel Medina

Trip Info

The Catch
Grouper (Red)
Scup (Porgy)
Snapper (Yellowtail)

Headed out this morning with a party of 4. They were looking to score some meat for a couple meals this week including a big fish fry tonight.

Pulled off the dock at 5 am from the cape yacht club. Heavier Storms off of redfish pass on the radar ultimately changed my game plan, so we ran south-west to look for some fishing willing to eat.

The bite was consistent all day, with lots of throwback fish mixed in with the keepers. The end was a barrage of legal size grouper nearly every drop. We left them biting as to not risk killing the fish from bringing them up from the depths.
A dozen or so snapper of the yellowtail and Lane variety rounded out the 4 man limit of grouper. 
They should be eating very well this upcoming week!

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