Our Favorite trip to do!!!!!
Февраль 28, 2022 Miami Beach 6 фото
Marlin (Blue)
Синий марлин (атлантический)
Tuna (Yellowfin)
Тунец (желтоперый)
Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)
Корифена (махи-махи)

Описание тура

We stared of our day clearing customs in the Beautiful bimini bahamas at 8 am sharp then went outbto the tuba gournd we caught 28 yellofin tunas ranging from 30-125lbs in 2 hours just when we went to turn home he hooked and got a igfa release on a 400lb blue marlin while fighting the blue marlin we started playing with light tackle hooking and landing 5 more yellowfin tunas on 16lb test mono oh and dont for get the two mahis 27-32lb on the scale all fish where caught on stand up
Ramon Sobrado
Miami-beach, Florida, United States
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Explore the bountiful waters of Miami Beach with Top Knot Charters. Captain Ramon Sobrado is a third generation of fishermen in his family and the skill is practically in his blood. He has been dedicated to fishing since he was a young boy and enriched th...

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