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Апрель 22, 2021 Biddeford 1 фото & 1 видео
Brook Trout
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As we patiently await the arrival of Striped Bass on our coastline, here at Fin N Juice we have been occupied with our native brook trout populations. As of today 4/21/21 the ocean temperature in the gulf of Maine sits at 44 degrees. The magic number for the arrival of Striped bass is right around 50 degrees. Only 6 more degrees till we start seeing some fresh migratory fish! Last week the 21 foot kencraft was put on the bay. We caught some winter flounder! As things start to get going we are increasingly excited about our 2021 season! Better days to come! Cheers, Captain Owen Whitehead
Owen Whitehead
Biddeford, Maine, United States
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Fin-N-Juice is a family-friendly fishing charter based out of Grant, Florida. Captain Owen was born and raised in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. For six months of the year during the winter season, he spends his time fishing off the coast in Florida, And durin...

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