Family Fun Fishing! Warsaw Grouper

March 22, 2016 by Kyle Partain

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The Catch
Snapper (Red)
Tigerfish (Goliath)

Miss Madison Fishing Charters had the pleasure to take this family of three (3) out for a “catch & release” fishing experience. Although we did decide to keep two (2) fish. A Warsaw Grouper and a Gray Triggerfish.

We caught this Warsaw Grouoer in 64 ft of water and just a few miles from shore!!
Normally for our area, Warsaw Grouoers are caught in a lot deeper waters, so this was a great blessing!

This gentleman said he had been on four (4) deep sea fishing trips and had never caught any fish. (I was shocked because I’d never heard anyone that has fished out of Orange Beach, AL not “catch” anything.) Now in 11 years of fishing here, there has been a couple days were we did not come back with a “keeper” fish, mostly due to what was in season at time of trip, but always catch fish.
To find out, this gentleman had been out of Orange Beach, AL one (1) out of the four times fishing and it was on a “head boat/party boat”. He mentioned others caught fish but he didn’t.
I explained the difference between a “party head boat” and a “private” charter boat.
On a private charter boat, like Miss Madison, we make sure that every person on board catches fish. Everyone is treated like they’re VIP.
It’s a VIP treatment from the time you arrive, to the time you leave.
It’s far from the “everyone for themselves” atmosphere on a over crowded party head boat.

On this trip, I believe we fished around 12-15 fishing spots. (Some days we fish 1/2 this amount, but it just all depends on time of year because fish move around)
Once offshore, about a 30-40 minute boat ride, we start fishing. From there we fish many different spots. If the fish are biting great, we stay, if the fish stop biting or it’s a very slow bite, as Captain, I will ask everyone to reel up their lines, and we travel from a few hundred feet, up to a mile to the next spot. We do not sit on a fishing hole for hours. Again, we make sure everyone catches fish!

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