Июль 30, 2019 Mount Pleasant 1 photo
Красный горбыль

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The Charleston Harbor is firing up with bull reddrum! These awesome fish are 20-75lbs! It is spawning time so they are feisty and hungry! Come feel the zing with us and get you a picture worthy trophy!
All In One Charters
Mount-pleasant, South Carolina, United States
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All In One Charters provides memorable fishing adventures on the inshore and nearshore waters surrounding the Charleston area. We have been awarded Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence for 2019, as well as nominated for the past three years by o...

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Why are the reefs where you want to be?
Why are the reefs where you want to be?
Июнь 15, 2019
Charleston is a fishermans heaven. Fishing year round, from freshwater to saltwater; inshore, nearshore, and deep sea. So with all of our different options it leaves for multiple styles of fishing. As our waterways warm up for the summer our targeted species and types of fishing for our saltwater waterways change. We at All In One specialize in inshore creek, inshore harbor, and nearshore/reef fishing. While you can fish here year round, each type of fishing will have its disadvantages and advantages throughout the year. Inshore Creek fishing is a more hands on fishing, similar to freshwater bass fishing. We use light tackle inshore serie rods, lined and rigged with a popping cork and live bait. We fish around grass lines, docks, and underwater oysters beds; targeting reddrum, trout, flounder, blackdrum, and sheephead. When our water temps are chilly this is great fishing for "slot size" aka keepable fish. When our water temps are continuing to warm up over the summer we also fish the harbor which leads to... A fun, exhilarating workout. Inshore Harbor fishing is bottom fishing within the Charleston harbor, using heavy tackle and freshly caught live or cut bait. In the harbor we target 20-40lb reddrum and multiple different species of sharks. Pick up right in the heart of Shem Creek and take in all the great scenery and wildlife. Perfect for larger group parties. This type of fishing does not produce any "keepable" fish as they are always too big, but the thrill and experience makes it totally worth it. Then to try something new, after you have obtained your sea legs, a nearshore trip is next. Nearshore trips are 10-20 mile boat rides into the deep blue towards our Nearshore artificial reefs and wrecks. You are not within land and cannot see it in the distance but let me tell you, this is a awesome experience. Out in the deep blue the water is clearer, so you can literally see the fish swim by the boat. Really neat to see. We utilize light and heavy tackle depending what we are catching; our target species this time of year is cobia, amberjack, spadefish, bonita, black seabass, and many more. In the summer this is the best opportunity for dinner to take home. Come experience the thrill and have some awesome catches like these pictured! So with all of this, how can you not enjoy fishing in Charleston? When yall have snow up north, come here to fish, when it's not quite hot enough to swim, come here to fish. You honestly can't go wrong with fishing in Charleston.