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January 25, 2016 by Matt Bellinger

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Jack Crevalle
Snapper (Mangrove)

The country has been snowed on we have had a cooler than normal weather conditions here in the Florida Keys. Despite overnight temperatures in the low 50s and high temperatures barely reaching 66° we have been able to put together some very good days on the water. Cooler water temperatures have bait moving from one body of water to the next and some shallow water to deeper water, our primary date right now is shrimp.  Shallow water of the Everglades National Park cooled off rapidly over the weekend we actually found water temperatures on some of the flats to be 57° so we chose to fish the border waters of the park and the Gulf of Mexico. Fish have been holding in 8 to 10 feet of water early in the day then moving into shallow or 4 to 6 feet of water spots in the afternoons the last couple of days the most dependable bite has been mangrove snapper’s . The snappers have been very hungry and averaging 2 pounds which makes for a great fight on the 8 to 10 pound test gear we use. After getting his fill of mango snapper is today Captain Eric decided to take his clients site fishing for Tripple tail. Triple tail will lay on the surface near debris which is often logs palm leaves and in this case crab trap bouys.  Once we sight a triple tail on the surface from the upper helm station on our Islamorada boat works 24 bay boat the captain will direct our anglers casting until they hook up with these fun fighting fish.  Today Capt Eric had triple tail up to 6 pounds and several triple tail in the 3 pound range, this makes for a great day on the water and it makes for a wonderful dinner that night.

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