Fishing Report For June

June 30, 2019 by Steve Veloso

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Chinook Retention Starts July 15th

Fishing Report For June

‘No Chinook retention, no problem” comments a majority of Island Pursuits Sport Fishing guests during and after an epic day on the water. The Chinook fishing has truly been the best we have ever seen locally! It is not uncommon to have over 20 hook ups on any of our charters, that’s an average of a Chinook bite every 8 minutes. These fish have been fighting hard and we have been collecting lots of DNA data to stop this from ever happening again. Now is the time to come out and experience the fishing you actually dream of when paying for a fishing charter.

Bottom and Coho fishing in June has been consistent. We get lots of big tides in June and hit the spots hard in May. When we put the effort in we are able to take home a fish or two. As I mentioned above, we have been having such amazing Chinook fishing most charters decided to keep on them and rack up their Brag Board Challenge Scores.

Thank You!

Thank you to all of you who have stood by me during this time of frustration with the one time regulation change. Luckily fishing has been truly what we all dream of. If you are thinking about fishing and a bit disappointed with the governments decision please let me take you on a fishing experience of a life time. Don’t let not killing 1 Chinook take away from a fishing trip of your dreams, their is also so much more you can take home to eat.

I have openings from July 1 to 13th for the first time in 15 years!

Committed to the best service on the coast!,
Steve Veloso, Island Pursuit Sport Fishing

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