Май 05, 2019 Corralejo 4 фото
Snapper (Red)
Красный луциан (снэппер)
Barracuda (Pacific)
Барракуда (тихоокеанская)
Grouper (Broomtail)
Желтопёрый групер
Grouper (Gag)
Шутовский групер
Grouper (Black)
Чёрный групер
Jack (Almaco)
Лакедра (южноамериканская)

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the season of jigging and fishing with live squid is approaching! Do not wait any longer and book your fishing day!
Agoney Hierro González
Corralejo, Canary Islands, Spain
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The Canary Islands are one of the premier bluewater fishing destinations in the world, for good reason. Resacca Fishing Charter will show you just why, as they assist you in enjoying this productive fishery. Captain Agoney Hierro González is more t...

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