4 hr Offshore Livebait Trolling

July 14, 2015 by Guy Spear

Trip Info


Yesterday the bait was a little easier to come by. I threw the net twice and got a hundred or so mixed size pogies and away we went. The pond was a little sporty with a short (read close) SE swell (2’ at 3.6 seconds), not big but when you have to run directly into it to get where you are going it is a little bouncy. The first spot we had a couple of AJ’s (amberjack) on and pulled the hooks on them. We did catch a very large barracuda and 1/2 a bonita (‘cuda got the rest) there.  A half hour later we moved to spot two (after a call from a friend saying the king fish were biting pretty good). 10 minutes later lines in again. First fish was a small shark then a small king mackerel (both released). Then we got down to business. Next three fish were good kings, 19#s, 20#4ozs, 22#10ozs. The last fish was another kingfish killer, read barracuda. We had a nice run home with the seas following. I had fun fishing with Brian and his sons. See you on the pond. Capt. Guy

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