Backcountry bite!

April 22, 2018 by Armando Alejo

Trip Info

The Catch

Greetings.  March and April have been some of the best months I’ve seen in a while in the Glades.  I’ve been fortunate to fish with folks all over the nation, and we sure have had GREAT trips.  On a recent trip, I had the pleasure of fishing with Jen and Bob from Atlanta, our 4 hour charter sure did produce right away!  On our fist stop, I decided to switch to artificial GULP shrimp and it sure did pay off right away!  In no time Jen hooked her prized Snook (picture attached) on 40 lb leader and 30 lb braided line.  She got her while casting at structure, near moving water and busting bait!  No sooner than I said “Jen take a crack at that busting bait”, her Snook nailed her bait and she was in for an epic fight!  Although the odds were against her (lots of structure around), she was able to bring her boat side after a beautiful display of strong runs and a bit of jumping!  On the same charter, we brought several Speckled trout aboard as well after stopping near some grass flats on the way to the backcountry ramp of Flamingo! 

All in all, an excellent charter!

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