First Black Marlin of the season for Nam

April 21, 2018 by Russ Housby

Trip Info

The Catch
Marlin (Black)

It was a great day out for honeymoon couple Chris & Danielle. Chris had never caught a marlin and was keen to get his chance. It’s the start of the inshore fishing season in Vanuatu so we decided to get some baits out there to try and raise a Sailfish or a Black Marlin.
Chris got his chance as Black Marlin engulfed one of the skipping Ballyhoo baits, leaving a hole of white water and line started screaming off the reel. On only 15KG stand up gear Chris got a quick introduction to Marlin fishing and did a fantastic job. The fish gave a few jumps before disappearing into the depths.
We soon realised this fish wasn’t going to be easy and after an hour of Chris battling the fish we got the leader and the fish gave the classic Black Marlin display, jumping at the back of the transom. It was a nice fish of around 110KG, and gave a great fight on the lighter tackle.
The fish was released and swam away healthy, and Chris now has to deal with a new found Marlin Fishing addiction.

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