Dogtooth Drama - Topwater Highs & Lows!!

November 24, 2017 by Russ Housby

Trip Info

The Catch
Tuna (Dogtooth)

It’s not always plain sailing as this video shows, but its always fun when there are this many Dogtooth around. With several failed hook ups on the popper, the Angler Neil Trujillo managed to hook the fish of a lifetime for a novice angler. When you actually get attached to a Dogtooth on any gear you really start to wonder if its a battle you can ever win…but thats the challenge and the fun of it.
Surrounded by sharks and other Dogtooth the odds are stacked against you but its so worth it when you manage to stop the Doggies insane run and actually get it to the boat.
During this trip the amount of life was insane, so much so the boats brand new Gopro 6 got eaten by an aggressive shark whilst filming the underwater shots. Luckily we downloaded this footage before the Shark decided it wanted a colonoscopy.
Most people who go Doggie fishing openly admit it is the ultimate test of everything…angler, gear, knots, boat handling, stamina and a dose of luck on your side as well. Everyone agrees though that once you get the bug for Doggie fishing you are addicted for life!

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