Heading to Drydock

January 15, 2018 by Mighty Fine Charters, Llc

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Every year, boats all around the country begin the yearly task of going to dry dock.  This is where we haul out for maintenance such as scraping the barnacles off, repainting the bottom and hull, fiberglass work, etc.  During this time, some boats also go through annual inspections by the Coast Guard to make sure we are in compliance with all the rules.  They inspect the bottom and hull area, engine room and bilges, as well as paperwork and safety equipment.  Safety is always first here on the Mighty Fine and we work hard to keep our boat in top shape. 
Dry dock can take anywhere from several days to several weeks,  depending on what needs to be done.  Here in Destin, in our fishing community, its amazing to see the fleet coming together to get ready for the upcoming season.  While at the boatyard,  many captains, mates, and extra hands are always willing to help where it is needed.  This year, the Mighty Fine will clean and repaint the bottom and hull, clean, inspect, and repaint the running gear,  have our electronics inspected and maintenance done if needed.  Coast Guard will come and inspect as well.  Many hours of hard work will be put into keeping us in top shape for the 2018 fishing season.  We can’t wait to get started!!

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