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Корпус Кристи – отчет о рыбалке

Прогноз погоды – Corpus Christi

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Отчеты о рыбалке из Corpus Christi

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Корпус Кристи – что говорят?

September fishing trip, full day.
Bob G. рыбачил с Laguna Charter Company Сентябрь 25, 2020
Corpus Christi is a great place to go fishing. Planning on doing a week fishing trip next year.
Good guide!!
Matt P. рыбачил с Fins & Pins Coastal Guide Service – Bay boat Май 30, 2020
Come fish texas- but leave your political agenda on wherever you came from!!!
Half-day trip with Capt. Dale
Scott D. рыбачил с Always An Adventure Guide Service Июль 28, 2019
I would recommend an early morning trip.
Half Day Trip with Go Joe
Travis W. рыбачил с Gojoe1 Июль 27, 2019
Stay in the channels and bay for your first trip. Action out in the Gulf is hit or miss and there can be long waits between.
Half day trip with Capt. Tim Johnson
Lee S. рыбачил с Salty Shores Charters Июль 23, 2019
Make sure to follow all recommendations such as sun screen and hats. Pack the patience. Not all fish will bite. Enjoy the scenery and the company.
Dont wait just do it
Damon M. рыбачил с Always An Adventure Guide Service Июль 6, 2019
It's good but the sun will fry you if your not careful
Great trip with Captain Lou
Heith W. рыбачил с Coastal Cowboy Fishing Charters Июнь 29, 2019
Costal cowboy's deep sea fishing. Sunscreen.Shuttle butts grill is the most amazing place to eat.
Fishing with Joe
Josh L. рыбачил с Gojoe1 Июнь 25, 2019
Just have fun and wear lots of sun screen wow very hott and dont be like me I'm a lobster cause I thought it would not be that bad lol
Day trip
Sybille S. рыбачил с Salty Shores Charters Июнь 20, 2019
Be prepared if the winds are high. Fishing is rough. We stayed for a week and only one day was decent, can't control the weather obviously.
60 Miles Out
James C. рыбачил с Coastal Cowboy Fishing Charters Июнь 15, 2019
Be sure the 1st Mate is on Boat for the longer Trips and the Catch is Cleaned and Filleted as Advertised while Fishing. Cleaning Fish after 8-Hour Trip can be time consuming and unnecessary. Not expected Additional Expense