Southbound Fishing Charters Fishing Reports

Big Snook

May 28, 2020

Great day with Lance and his family. I had gotten bait the day before so when they showed up we were ready to go. First spot was on fire. Got a 40+ inch snook and multiple other nice fish.… Read Full Report →

Trout bite still hott

May 22, 2020

Took Randy and friends out on a half day charter. We started out by catching jacks and ladyfish at our first spot. Moved on to a snook spot and caught a couple short but nice fish. Ended the day… Read Full Report →

Gag Grouper!!

May 22, 2020

Took Eric out for some afternoon fun. First spot we caught some jacks and blue runners. Kept a couple for bait. Looked for the Permit but not one in sight so we moved on. Next spot we got slammed… Read Full Report →

Snook are back

May 09, 2020

Took Dave and Dan our for a great day of fishing. Started out by catching a bunch of bait and off we went. Hit the first spot and got some nice size jacks and a few snapper. Went to… Read Full Report →

Trout action has been great

May 09, 2020

Took Jeff and his wife and friend out for a great day of backwater fishing. Started the morning getting on some nice jacks and Ladyfish. Moved over to a little flat I have marked and bang we were on… Read Full Report →

Blackdrum and sheephead

March 20, 2020

Took an awesome group of guys out who wanted some fish for dinner. Started the day trying the catch bait when a big school of about 200 drum swam by. Switch gears and fished for them. We caught one… Read Full Report →

Kids day

March 19, 2020

Took Garret Anderson his family out for a great day catching some nice fish. Went for tarpon but ended up catching a huge ray. Switched it up and went to a island and caught trout, black drum and jacks.… Read Full Report →

Fishing is Hot in the islands

March 16, 2020

Took Anne and her friends out for spring break and we killed it. Went tarpon fishing in the morning with no bites but switched gears and wore em out. Big reds, trout and snook were biting good. Read Full Report →

Monster fish

March 09, 2020

Took Ted and his son in laws out for an awesome day of fishing. Monster reds, Permit and grouper were biting on the live bait. Insane day out there. Read Full Report →

Morning Tarpon!!!

March 02, 2020

Took the boys from Boston out today. Great morning tarpon bite going 1-2 on nice sized tarpon. We got the 80lber to the boat. Finished the day with trout and ladyfish. Awesome guys and awesome fishing. Read Full Report →

Sheephead bite is on!!!!

March 02, 2020

Took Gene and his family out this afternoon for an awesome bite. They wanted fish to keep so that’s what we went for. Kept a bunch of nice Sheephead and snapper. Awesome people. Weather layed down nice this afternoon. Read Full Report →

Windy day Fun!!!

February 25, 2020

Took Steve and his wove our for some windy day fun. We started out going 0-2 on big tarpon. They were both 100+ pounders. We then switched gears and went to a nearshore spot and caught some Mackeral and… Read Full Report →

Tarpon time!!

February 21, 2020

Took Christine, her dad and grand parents out today. We started the day catching a 120lb Tarpon that’s she fought for 1 1/2 hours. Great fight and she did a great job. Finished the day with some trout and… Read Full Report →

Brown clown down!!!

February 18, 2020

I had the pleasure of taking Ben and Ken out fishing yesterday. We started off catching some nice mangrove snapper and Lane snapper. We also had some sheepshead Mixed in. I told them we were going to move to… Read Full Report →

Family day

February 15, 2020

Awesome morning with Whitney and her family. Her son caught many fish including redfish sheepshead and snapper. We also got a bonus pompano at the end of the day. Great day with them and hope to see them in… Read Full Report →

Inshore Slam with some bonus fish!!!

February 13, 2020

It was an awesome day taking Brian and his wife our fishing. These guys could fish and throw lasers at the mangroves all day. Caught some nice trout, snook and a beautiful Redfish. Great fishing and great fishing make… Read Full Report →

Family day

February 03, 2020

Took some family out for a great morning of fishing. Sheephead, snapper and Cobia were biting. Going to be a good dinner for us. Read Full Report →

Group Trip trout fest

February 02, 2020

These were down with some buddy’s and had to split the trip between two boats. Every boat caught fish. We fished hard with only a couple fish but our last spot payed off. Big trout and a keeper red… Read Full Report →

Good enough for dinner!!

January 31, 2020

Paul and his buddy booked me and wanted fish for dinner. They slammed enough Sheephead for dinner and released the rest. Great day with them on the water. The Sheephead bite has been on fire. Read Full Report →

Sheephead bite is on fire.

January 28, 2020

Took Richard and his family out for a great day of fishing. We caught a fish about every drop. Big Sheephead and snapper and goliaths were biting. See them in March for some trout fishing. Read Full Report →

Deck full of fish.

January 28, 2020

Larry and his son slap wore me out this afternoon. Went 3/3 on nice Permit almost a 2 man limit of big Sheephead and 2 redfish and snapper. Great day with them. See them boys in the summer so… Read Full Report →

Group trip.

January 22, 2020

Great group trip with my buddy brad. Split the guys up between three boats and headed out. I ran south on a wreck and started slamming them right away. Redfish, Tripletail and Sheephead. Kept the rods bent all day.… Read Full Report →

Wintertime fishing

January 20, 2020

Took John and his girlfriend out for a great morning of fishing. Started off kinda slow with some ladyfish. Had to move around a little bit but found a slot redfish and some snapper. Finished the day with one… Read Full Report →

Killer Afternoon

January 20, 2020

Took brad and his buddy out for a killer afternoon. Started at one spot catching a keeper pompano and one nice trout. I told the guys if you want fish for dinner we have to make a run a… Read Full Report →

Sheephead and snapper

January 08, 2020

Great morning of fishing. We had to tuck into the back country to get away from the wind. Started off catching some ladyfish and some whiting. Moved to another spot and every cast was a snapper or a Sheephead.… Read Full Report →

Great Morning

January 07, 2020

Took brad his family out this morning. Started off by catching a couple jacks and some bluefish. One nice Pompano went into the box. We switched gears and went for some redfish which we caught 4 all short though.… Read Full Report →

Kai and his fish

January 02, 2020

We started the day by running to an inshore sandbar. We threw some lines out and instantly started catching Bluefish and a nice specked trout. Kai was on fire catching them all by himself. I love taking kids fishing.… Read Full Report →

Nearshore fishing

December 30, 2019

Great fishing the other day with Mitch and his kids. Lost some big ones but he will be back for revenge. Book with southbound and let’s get out there. We caught enough for dinner. Snapper,Sheephead and redfish on the… Read Full Report →

Father and Son

December 29, 2019

Awesome morning with John and his kid. We started off getting a bunch of shrimp. We headed it an inshore wreck. Ever bait that hit the water got bit!! Sheephead, snapper, and Tripletail we biting. Came back inshore and… Read Full Report →

Nearshore Slam

December 27, 2019

Took Ted out with his kids and had a awesome day of fishing. The day started out slow but the last spot produced a cooler full. Cobia, Permit, Redfish, Snapper and Sheephead were biting. Finished up with a slot… Read Full Report →

Brothers getting it done

December 26, 2019

Great back to back trips today. Ben and his little brother killed it this morning catching sheephead some nice jumbo trout and a surprise Permit. Love bringing kids out and seeing that smile. It’s lasts a lifetime. Book a… Read Full Report →

Rain and wind diddnt stop us!!

December 23, 2019

Great day with Tanya and her family. It started out slow but we picked off some nice Redfish and some sheep head. Finished off with some snapper and a keeper trout. The weather didn’t bother the fish at all.… Read Full Report →

Pre Front Fishing

December 02, 2019

Jojo asked me the other day that he wanted to catch a snook. With the weather conditions we had today it was tough but we made it happen. A couple Snook, Redfish and a flounder were biting today. The… Read Full Report →

Reds and blackdrum

November 29, 2019

Great day with Enrique and his family. They wanted to get some meat and that’s exactly what the got. Snook, Blackdrum and redfish. Kept the rods bent all day. Thanks again guys!! Read Full Report →

Great nearshore bite.

November 26, 2019

Kept the rods bent all day long. We caught a handful of just Short Mutton snapper and kept some nice mangroves for dinner. The jacks were ferocious out there. Must of caught 50 of em. Great day with Steve… Read Full Report →

Sharks and good eats

November 03, 2019

Great day out with the Boys. Caught a ton of ladyfish to start the day with some Pomano mixed in. Moved on to our next spot and we managed to hook a 5+ foot back tip in the tail… Read Full Report →

Offshore Redfish

October 27, 2019

Took Phil out for a 3/4 day. Bait was a little tough in the morning because of how ruff it was out but we got enough for the day. We started off catching some nice size Goliath grouper and… Read Full Report →

Great Windy day Bite!!

October 26, 2019

Snook, redfish and jacks kept these guys busy all day today despite the wind. Back at it tomorrow. Fish have been biting good. They kept the rods bent all day with the live bait we caught in the morning. Read Full Report →

Great Snook bite.

October 14, 2019

Took John and his friend out for a 1/2 day. We started the day with a couple small jacks and then John hooks a keeper snook. 32.5 inches on the dot. Then jeramiah caught a nice 26 incher. We… Read Full Report →

Adam and his wife Slam Out

September 01, 2019

Great morning with Adam and his wife. Hit the beach in the morning to try and catch bait but they were way to small. We then hit an outside island with good current and Melissa slams a keeper redfish… Read Full Report →

Great day with Jack

August 31, 2019

Took Jack and his wife out for a full day of fishing. The weather wasn’t great but we made it happen. In the morning started out on the beach trying to sightcast Snook. We seen at least 50-75 fish… Read Full Report →

Big shark for Paul

August 29, 2019

Took Paul out for an afternoon Charter. We started by trying to catch live bait and we got some nice Pinfish. We then headed offshore to fish a Wreck. We caught some nice snapper and some big Jacks to… Read Full Report →

Jonnie and his Snook

August 08, 2019

Took Johnnie out with his nephew and his buddy. We started the morning catching some nice bait on the beach and then we headed offshore. The bite was slow in the morning. We caught some decent sized blacktop sharks… Read Full Report →

OOOOO Baracuda

July 29, 2019

Rod booked me for a 1/2 day inshore fishing trip and he wanted to Check a Barracuda off his bucket list. We started out by trying to get some bait and we got some. Then we headed about 7… Read Full Report →

Great Nearshore Bite

July 26, 2019

Took out Brad and his boss out for some great inshore action. We tried getting bait in the morning but we couldn’t get em so we switched gears. Jigs with shrimp did the trick. Got Mackeral and snappers for… Read Full Report →

Snook and a great snapper bite!!!

July 20, 2019

Took Edward and his wife out for a great day of fishing. We started off going 1 for 5 on big snook and missed a big Goliath. We then switched gears and went for some good eats. They caught… Read Full Report →

Snook and Snook

July 15, 2019

Took James and his wife our this morning for some great fishing. We started the day catching some bait it took some time but we found em. It was a little ruff out but nothing for my new Pathfinder… Read Full Report →

Big blow snapper bite!!

July 11, 2019

It was honking this morning blowing 25 out of the south. I almost cancelled the trip but I knew we could catch some fish. I took Casey and his kids out who one of them never caught a fish.… Read Full Report →

Redfish action!!!

July 11, 2019

Took Matt and his family out today this afternoon. The wind was still blowing 20-25 out of the south but we got it done. The girls did great catching some nice snapper and a sheepshead for dinner. They also… Read Full Report →

Great Snook Bite!!!!

July 08, 2019

Took Scott and his kids out for a 3/4 day. Despite the rain and lightning we went out and got livebait in 2-3 footers. My new boat took it well and was comfortable for them. We started the day… Read Full Report →

Parker and his buddies

July 06, 2019

Took Parker and his brother and friend out for a 1/2 day. It was to ruff out to get bait so we threw jigs and morning. These boys know how to fish. They ended up with 3 slot reds… Read Full Report →

Crazy snook day

June 14, 2019

Took Jim and his family out for a 3/4 day fishing. We first started out by catching nice sized pilchards for bait after that the bite was one. Throughout the day we caught over 40 snook with the biggest… Read Full Report →

Inshore Slammin

June 03, 2019

Took him and his nephews out for a little fishing and we put a hurting on em. We started out catch keeper trout til they had enough for dinner. We also caught pompano and bluefish. We switched gears and… Read Full Report →

Inshore is red hot

June 02, 2019

Great day with Andy and his family. We started off having equipment problems with the trolling motor but we were able to overcome that and get on a hot Trout bite. We caught at least 25 specked trout that… Read Full Report →

Awesome morning

May 24, 2019

Awesome morning with Dan and his daughter. We started off catching some nice trout and some small snack Mixed in. Then dan caught a nice 26 inches. We started running low on bait so I showed dan how we… Read Full Report →

Awesome 3/4 Day

May 16, 2019

I took Gary and his kids out for some inshore fishing. We started off catching some nice bluefish and trout. We moved around a little bit as the tide was coming in. Every spot we went we caught fish.… Read Full Report →

Variety Pack

May 16, 2019

Took Scott and his buddy our fishing today. Bait was tough to get this morning so we switched gears and threw jigs with shrimp. We did awesome. Redfish, trout and black drum were biting. We also caught Whiting, a… Read Full Report →

Full day Fun!!!

May 10, 2019

Had a full day inshore fishing trip and these guys put a whopping on the big fish. We had the rods bent all day. Snook, trout big jacks and pompano were on the list. They kept enough for dinner.… Read Full Report →

Morning fishing Fun!!

April 28, 2019

Great morning of fishing. Caught some nice trout as well as a handful of snook and jacks. The big snook eluded us today. We will be back. Read Full Report →

Slammed Out

April 25, 2019

Took Jim and his brother out for a great day of fishing. Caught bait early before I picked them up. We started on a flat catching some nice trout and a pompano. The tide really start ripping so we… Read Full Report →

Afternoon Slam

April 25, 2019

Great day with a family from Chicago. They caught the inshore slam of Snook, Redfish and trout. They had a blast. We missed a big snook mid afternoon on live bait but caught a few decent ones to make… Read Full Report →

Awesome trips

April 18, 2019

Had a repeat client William and his family book me for two days of fishing. We caught a lot of different fish in the two days. Snook redfish trout we biting hard on the first day. The wind kicked… Read Full Report →

Inshore fishing is great

April 12, 2019

Took a repeat client out with his friends and did really good with the redfish and snook. We fished live bait along the mangroves. Caught a good variety of inshore fish. Great day all in all. Read Full Report →

Big Jacks Around

April 12, 2019

Took John my neighbor out on a 1/2 afternoon trip. The wind really picked up so we had to hide from it. We did well with a couple snook and big jacks on live bait. Great day with John… Read Full Report →

Snook Snook Snook

April 06, 2019

We fished a full day and absolutely crushed the snook the live bait. We caught well over 30 snook with one being over slot at 36 inches. We finished the day with a couple trout and a redfish to… Read Full Report →

Awesome snook bite

April 01, 2019

I took a crew out from up north today. They had a blast. We started the morning catching some nice size tripletail. We fished for those until the tide got high enough to snook fish. First spot we got… Read Full Report →

Sam and his Tripletail

March 29, 2019

I took Sam my repeat customer out and we had a blast just me and him. We started he afternoon catching a few trout and jacks. I asked is he ever caught a Tripletail and he said no. I… Read Full Report →

Hot inshore bite

March 25, 2019

Great day with Brian and his family. We started the day catching live bait and on the ay our we found a beautiful tripletail layed up on one of the crab traps. We ended up catching him on a… Read Full Report →

Tim and his Family

March 25, 2019

Had a great afternoon with Tim and his kids and wife. We took advantage of the livebait we had in the livewell and went south to look for snook and Tripletail. We saw a couple tripletail that we very… Read Full Report →

Family trip

March 22, 2019

I took Jearmy and his kids out in the afternoon in search of some rod bending action. We caught a lot of fish from start to finish. I love taking kids out and showing them the backcountry fishing. The… Read Full Report →

Hot Tripletail bite

March 16, 2019

Great day of fishing with this family from Colorado. We started the day catching bait and stopping on a school of Mackeral. We bailed them in for a solid 45 minutes til they had enough for dinner. We then… Read Full Report →

Tripletail day

March 05, 2019

Went out fishing on With Milton and put the smack down on some nice tripletail. We started the morning catching some nice trout and jacks. The bite was a little slow so we took advantage of the weather and… Read Full Report →

Great Mixed Bag

February 15, 2019

It was a great day of fishing with Bill and his son. We started the trip out getting into a big school of ladyfish with a few trout mixed In. Fished until the tide turned and we fished a… Read Full Report →

Awesome trout bite

February 14, 2019

I had a blast fishing with Peter and his sons. It took a couple spots to finally find the fish but we ended up with a bunch of nice sized trout. Hope see them in the future. Read Full Report →

Inshore heating up

February 12, 2019

I had a great day fishing with Roy and his family. We started the day fishing the mangroves and catching redfish and trout. We ended the day by catching 50 or more mangrove snapper. All in all I had… Read Full Report →

Good Backcountry day

February 05, 2019

John came out fishing with me today with three of his buddies. We started the morning running crab trap buoys looking for triple tail and came up empty. So I decided to run back into the back country and… Read Full Report →

Liz and the Family

January 28, 2019

Despite the cold, windy and rainy days we have been having I was able to get Liz and her family out on a half day charter this afternoon. The bite started slow until the tide started coming and we… Read Full Report →

Sheepshead and Redfish

January 09, 2019

Had a great day with Don and his kids from Canada. Despite the Gailing winds we had we got on a hot bite catching Redfish, Sheephead and Snapper. These guys were a blast and I hope to see them… Read Full Report →

Mark and his Uncle

January 01, 2019

Great day with Mark and his family. He is a returning Client and I enjoy his company. It was a pretty slow bite and we moved around a lot to find the fish. We ended up with trout, small… Read Full Report →

Redfish day

December 29, 2018

Kyle booked me again for the second time with his brother and Dad. We had a great fishing day with tide and wind in our favor. We kept the rods bent all day with redfish,trout and Snapper. Read Full Report →

Great inshore day!!

October 18, 2018

Had the pleasure of taking Chris and his family out from Texas this morning. We tore up the rat Redfish. They caught the inshore slam which is Redfish, Snook and trout. It was a great day out there. book… Read Full Report →

Great day inshore

September 18, 2018

Took derrick and his wife and friend out and had a great day on the water. Right off the bat we caught a nice tripletail to start the morning. Found a big school of jacks and ladyfish with some… Read Full Report →

Mackeral and Reds

July 10, 2018

Took Rey and his kids out fishing today and the had a blast. We started catching some small redfish with snappers mixed in. We switched gears because the rain was coming and we went out to a grass flat.… Read Full Report →

Great snook bite.

July 02, 2018

Took Gary and his two sons out this morning and got some nice snook. Live bait has been key to catching these fish. Great day on the water with them hope to see them next year. Read Full Report →

Inshore slam

July 02, 2018

Took Terry and his wife and friends out today. They slammed out with Snook, trout and a Bull redfish. Livebait did the trick today. Hope to see them next year great people Read Full Report →

Snook bite

July 02, 2018

Took Mario and his friend out today. They caught a nice size snook with some snapper and Mackeral mixed in. It was a slow bite this afternoon despite the bad red tide but we were able to get some… Read Full Report →

Bid Redfish

June 16, 2018

Took tony and his teo kids out for a great day of fishing. Statting the day catching some trout, jacks and ladyfish. Finished the day with a 31inch redfish which weighed 9bs. Great day overall. Read Full Report →

Great family day

April 18, 2018

Took Kirk and his family out today. I got to say it was pretty good day despite the windy week we have had. They caught a handful of trout and some jack crevalles. Missed a shark as well. Read Full Report →

Jay and his family

April 12, 2018

Took Jay and his kids out to look for tarpon. We seen a bunch out there but not bites. The highlight of the day was jay and his son tag teaming this monster lemon shark in the shallows. Great… Read Full Report →

John and his family

April 06, 2018

Picked up John and his family in search of a great day of fishing. We started the day tarpon fishing and lost two nice sharks. Ended the day catching some nice trout, mangrove snapper and Spanish mackeral. They also… Read Full Report →

Prettyman Family

April 06, 2018

I was able to get the Prettyman family out in the afternoon for some great fishing. They caught a handful of trout and a nice size flounder with Spanish mackeral mixed in. His daughter missed a monster Pompano boatside.… Read Full Report →

3/4 day awesome trout bite

April 05, 2018

Tom and his wife had an awesome day with me. They caught all sorts of fish including some nice trout. Hope to see them again. Until then tight lines Read Full Report →


April 05, 2018

Chip and his daughter had an awesome day fishing with me. We started out the day tarpon fishing and it was slow with only one bite. We switched it up and went out to the grass flats and finished… Read Full Report →

Family trip

April 05, 2018

Took William and his family out this afternoon and man were the fish biting. They caught a ton of trout and whiting with a pompano and big blue fish mixed in. These guys were a blast to fish with.… Read Full Report →

Sam and Nico

March 26, 2018

Took Sam and his son out on a 3/4 day fishing today. We slammed the trout and ladyfish on jigs. They had there poles bend over all day. Hope to see them again in the near future. Read Full Report →

Windy but fun day Fishing

December 30, 2017

I took Catherine and her family out on a great day of fishing. Despite the wind and the dirty water we caught some nice fish. They caught some nice trout with some jacks and ladyfish Mixed in. Hope to… Read Full Report →

Double Redfish

December 28, 2017

Took Kyle and his family out for a great day of fishing. We started out by catching some small trout and pompano in the morning. We then moved to a mangrove Shoreline and immediately started catching some nice redfish.… Read Full Report →

Caught the Three T’s today

November 25, 2017

Awesome day with Paul and his family. We started the day on a grass flat ripping the Specled trout on artificial lures. We also caught a little mutton snapper and a small searobbin which is rare for down here.… Read Full Report →

Rat Reds and trout

October 14, 2017

Had a beautiful day to go fishing with John his wife and his two kids. The morning started out slow with some snapper and ladyfish but when the tide started flowing we caught some nice fish. We caught some… Read Full Report →

Awesome backwater day

August 18, 2017

I took Brian and Isabella out for a great day of fishing. The weather was perfect and we caught many fish including snapper, lady fish and a very nice size Flounder. Unfortunately we lost the big redfish to the… Read Full Report →

Little bit of everything

July 12, 2017

Took Ira and his grandchildren out today and they had a blast. We started the day by catching some trout and ladyfish. Danny also caught a 3 foot shark on a jig which was awesome for him. We dismissed… Read Full Report →

Trout and Snook

July 09, 2017

Took Brian and his son Brandon out fishing today and all I have have to say it was a blast. We started off catching trout and jacks with lady fish mixed in. Brandon also caught a bonnet head shark… Read Full Report →

Snook of a lifetime

June 30, 2017

Took mason and his dad out for a 6 hour trip today. Started the morning with a monster 39 inch snook and more little ones. We also caught sheepshead mixed in. To end the day we caugh some snapper… Read Full Report →

Great day

June 16, 2017

Great day with Ken and his two kids. It was a hot day out there but that Didn't stop the boys from catching fish. It was pretty slow at first but we finally got some trout and some nice… Read Full Report →

Windy day on the Flats

May 02, 2017

Despite the windy conditions we have been having the last couple weeks I picked up Catherine and her husband and we set off to catch some fish. They caught Trout and Pompano for dinner in the morning. Then this… Read Full Report →

Chuck and Hank

April 23, 2017

Fishing was awesome today despite the rain and wind. We were supposed to do a early morning trip but the rain wouldn't stop til this afternoon so I picked up Chuck and Hank and we set off for some… Read Full Report →

These kids had a Blast today.

April 19, 2017

Had a blast fishing with Katie and her brother and their Grandparents. We caught a lot of trout and ladyfish to start. We also threw out the shark rod and ended up catching 3 sharks. They brought home Trout,… Read Full Report →

Henry and his shark.

April 17, 2017

Picked up Chris and his son Henry and uncle Todd today and we set out for some awesome fishing. The weatherman was wrong when it call for 10 mph winds and it ended up being 30 mph but that… Read Full Report →

Kids Day

April 13, 2017

Had a Fantasic day fishing with Jason and his kids. We had the rods bending on trout and ladyfish and sandtrout about every cast. We must have caught over a 100 fish with all the kids counting. We also… Read Full Report →

Trout and Redfish

April 11, 2017

Glad the weather finally calmed down and I took Rick and his kids out for an amazing day on the water. We caught ladyfish and monster Trout with a few nice jacks mixed in. We ended the day catching… Read Full Report →

Boys Day

March 29, 2017

These guys had a blast today catching a little bit of everything from nice size trout to drag screaming Pompano. We fished for a couple hours and decided to throw a big rod out for a shark and within… Read Full Report →

Flats Slam Day

March 28, 2017

Had the rods bent all day with Jennifer and her husband today. The weather today was beautiful and the tides were just right. They caught 9 species and more than enough for dinner. Saw sharks, manatees and sea turtles… Read Full Report →

Cold and windy trout fishing

March 18, 2017

Took some people out from Ohio today. They had a blast especially the twins. It was windy and cold this morning but we managed to keep the rods bending all day and we missed a nice shark. Read Full Report →

Pompano and Trout today

March 09, 2017

Had and awesome day inshore with a family from North Carolina. Caught a bunch of species including trout, pompano, and jacks. While fishing the manatees came and said hi. Book your trip today Read Full Report →

Good day inshore

January 21, 2017

I had an awesome day last week with Sal and his friends from New Jersey. We caught a lot of trout in the morning and black drum in the afternoon despite having some rough winds out of the North.… Read Full Report →

Trout bite is on Fire

May 22, 2016

Brought some gentleman out for an inshore 3/4 day trip and slammed the trout and some snook. The guy really wanted to catch some fish on his fly rod and we did just that. He caught trout, lady fish,… Read Full Report →