BRINK Expeditions Fishing Reports

Coronado Islands Produce Big Limits!

January 26, 2020

We headed out to the Coronado Islands in search of Rock Fish on our 3/4 day trip and came home very successful. We had very productive fishing on the Red Rockfish and Oceanic Whitefish. The water looked very clean… Read Full Report →

Cloudy skies but great fishing!

December 07, 2019

Started our day about 2 miles off shore fishing near the kelp beds for Yellowtail, picked up some rock fish and finished our day drifting in the harbor for a nice Halibut. Read Full Report →

Yellowfin tuna in full day range!

November 30, 2019

As the storm passed many of us were left wondering, are the tuna around? We headed out to be greeted by hungry and mean yellowfin tuna! We hooked plenty of fish landing 6 on light line along with as… Read Full Report →

Full day offshore Spearfishing

August 18, 2019

Calm seas, low winds and poor visibility was the story... & these shooters were able to pull a few nice yellowtail to bring home for dinner. Read Full Report →

1/2 day fishing fun on SD Bay

July 30, 2019

San Diego bay offers some great halibut and bass fishing for the family. Making memories one bite at a time. Read Full Report →

Full day offshore Spearfishing- bigggg y

July 13, 2019

Good times offshore with these shooters. A couple firsts/PB’s with the biggest one going 40lbs! How’s that for a first yellowtail!?! That’ll be a tough one to beat. Check the tuna vid... this happens on almost every trip offshore.… Read Full Report →

3/4 Day Rod n reel... Bay bombing the Ha

July 12, 2019

Sticking close to the shoreline means more time to fish and produce some insanely tasty table fare here in San Diego. Here's a few happy snaps with more caught, but a 5-pack of our local Halibut that were ready… Read Full Report →

Full day offshore - spearfishing tuna, d

July 05, 2019

Another day of magic out here off the coast of SoCal/San diego. The paddies are holding dorado and yellowtail. There’s a mix of bluefin and yellowfin up and down as well... it’s full tilt summer action folks! Time to… Read Full Report →

1/2 day hook n line

June 26, 2019

5 barracuda, 10 rock fish, 1 halibut Read Full Report →

Full day offshore - rod n reel

June 16, 2019

Good times in the paddy zones offshore this father’s day. Decent grade wee found ranging between 10-18lbs. Read Full Report →

Full day Offshore spearfishing -

June 15, 2019

“Took the fam out with Brink expeditions ! Lil bit of wind kept us from getting on many schools of bluefin but we found 2 schools of cows , unfortunately the first school disappeared on us and the second… Read Full Report →

Full day offshore spearfishing - bluefin

June 02, 2019

The offshore bight was full of life this weekend. Anytime an angler lands a personal best, or first fish of any given species they get a pic with the Viking hat. Incredible weather provided glassy conditions and a few… Read Full Report →

Full day offshore spearfishing- bluefin

May 31, 2019

The offshore action continues to rock n roll... here we have Jay who is out for his first time spearfishing offshore. He shot straight and got his limit of 2 bluefin. And Volker, a long time spearo found a… Read Full Report →

3/4 day fishing trip for

May 15, 2019

Headed out before the wind came up. Had a stop on bluefin that turned into a 2 hours plunker bite on yellowtail. With models ranging from 10lb to 18lb. Read Full Report →

Local 3/4 day trip

May 13, 2019

Local 3/4 day trip had a good showing of yellowtail... some were on the chew. A lot had show but no go.. We also had a few halibut in the mix as well. It’s that time of year when… Read Full Report →

1/2 day rockfish on the menu

May 12, 2019

Yi and friends on their 2nd outing managed to bring home a nice mixed bag of rockfish for this 1/2 day. Way to go team! They've got the stoke and expressed interest in spearfishing as well... It's always nice… Read Full Report →

1/2 Day family fun for a 70th Birthday

May 08, 2019

Armando's daughter surprised him with a fishing trip for his 70th birthday and caught his first California halibut! That's quite a smile :) Read Full Report →

Overnight Offshore Spearfishing (Tuna/Ye

April 27, 2019

Captain Ryan here with the weekend Wrap-up. The Huntress left Friday night for an offshore mixed Spearfishing & Rod n Reel trip. Bluefin and Yellowtail were the main targets. It didn't take too long to find limits of Yellowtail… Read Full Report →

4hr. Bay fishing trip

April 14, 2019

Captain Ryan here with a report from a 4-hr bay fishing trip... beautiful day to be on the water and we had a great time with Steven and his family. A few of the group even managed to catch… Read Full Report →

It was a Jig Chuckers bonanza!

April 07, 2019

Full day of run and gun high speed fishing! With the YO-YOs and surface irons. If you savvy yourself a iron throwing connoisseur? Make plans with us to book your full day fishing experience aboard The Huntress! Some of… Read Full Report →

Offshore with Fish101 restaurant crew

August 14, 2018

Captain Alan Santos & the crew from Fish 101 restaurant in Encinitas put a hurting on the fish. Limits of Dorado, a few yellowfin tuna and a few yellowtail Read Full Report →

Extended full day offshore

July 29, 2018

More boat loads of fun this wknd as summer 2018 rolls on... 2 shooters donned the Viking hat after landing their personal best #yellowtail! And Nigel should have for his personal best #bluefin #tuna. Sorry buddy! (The Viking hat… Read Full Report →

Full Day Coronado island

July 16, 2018

Full Day rod n reel trip to the Nados produced some quality models in the yellowtail department. The action was also topped off with a mako! Read Full Report →

All in a Monday morning 1/2 day...

July 09, 2018

Trip report: 1/2 day hook & line saw wide open on White Sea bass in the local kelp today. Truly a rare event! 30 Calicos released, 20 barracuda released 13 Wsb released.The summer SoCal sport-fishing season is in full… Read Full Report →

SoCal action is HOT!

July 04, 2018

The San Diego offshore and Coronado Islands (Mexico) action is top notch right now! Yellowtail at the islands may be some of the best on record and has been going strong for weeks now. The volume of Bluefin tuna… Read Full Report →

Ohhhh this tuna action!

July 01, 2018

Success comes when you are willing to be ready at a moment’s notice or willing to sit on a swim step all day. This Jeremy with a solid 80lb bluefin. Read Full Report →

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