What would you recommend to anglers fishing in Cedar Point, North Carolina for the first time?

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Chris Kane
Рыбачил с Southern Tides Fishing Charters Октябрь 8, 2023
Be ready to catch fish. We caught fish the whole time out on three different spots. It was a good day of fishing.

John Liu
Bristow, VA
Рыбачил с Southern Tides Fishing Charters Июль 25, 2023
Get a charter if you can afford it! Otherwise, use live and/or the freshest bait you can find and hit pre-dawn pre-dusk (ideally at the right tide(s))

Kathleen Mickle
Howard, OH
Рыбачил с Unreel Charters NC Июнь 16, 2023
Just go with the flow of what your captain tells you but don’t be afraid to say what you would like to catch either.

Barbara Jones
Swansboro, North Carolina
Рыбачил с Lizardfish Charters and Island Adventures Август 15, 2023
Windy and swells didn't allow us to off-shore fish but it was a great time and Capt Eick was super!