What would you recommend to anglers fishing in Melbourne Beach, Florida for the first time?

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Kyle Van Meter
Рыбачил с NSB Shark Hunters – Sebastian Inlet Май 26, 2024
Took a little while for the fish to get on, but the weather was great! When the fish do get on, they get BIG

Charles Batty
Stratford, CT
Рыбачил с Southern Thunder Charters – Offshore Апрель 15, 2023
Just remember if a storm comes through before your trip don’t expect them to jump in your boat with out a little work.

Dale Coleman
Alachua, Florida
Рыбачил с Southern Thunder Charters – Offshore Июль 27, 2019
The earlier the better for Florida In the summer time. It gets very hot, and most of the time during the summer it storms in the afternoon which doesn't pair well with fishing.

Kenneth "k.c." Martin
Bailey, CO
Рыбачил с Snookside Fishing Charters Июнь 12, 2023
Be prepared for weather complications and to change your expectations accordingly.

Joshua Wolfenden
Pinellas Park, FL
Рыбачил с Southern Thunder Charters – Inshore Июль 5, 2019
Wear sunscreen (SPF 50), drink lots of water, be patient, and listen to your guide.