What would you recommend to anglers fishing in St. Marks, Florida for the first time?

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Francisco DaCruz Jr
Рыбачил с On Point Charter Fishing Май 25, 2024
Me and my friend got lucky on the timing. The Tallahassee area was hit with multiple tornadoes earlier in the month, so my trip was canceled. The day prior to my trip, the captain said the weather was calm, but it was extremely wavy. The day of my trip, we had a few waves in the beginning, then it was perfect weather for the remainder of the trip.

Lorea Sanders
Tallahassee, FL
Рыбачил с Fysh Hunter Inshore Charters Июль 19, 2023
I would recommend going in the morning verses the afternoon due to the heat. It was a great time and we brought home dinner.

Tiffany Cooper
Galena, IN
Рыбачил с Viking Coastal Charters Июль 18, 2021
Book yourself a trip with Captain Leif if you want to know where to go & create lasting impression with those accompanying you.

Rodney Ensley
Jacksonville, FL
Рыбачил с Apalachee Inshore Charters St Marks Март 5, 2019
Stay closer to Newport but if you stay at the Holiday park in Panacea two awsome places to eat with in walking distance just have to drive a bit farther to get back to St Marks

Miami, Florida
Рыбачил с Angry Fish Inshore Charters Май 7, 2023
Be patient, be prepared for hungry catfish. The reds are there just need to find them.