What would you recommend to anglers fishing in Cooper Landing, Alaska for the first time?

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Jeffrey Mccartney
Orlando, FL
Рыбачил с Alaskan Angling Adventures Август 25, 2018
We were at the very end of the season and I knew that I was hoping we can hook one silver something to keep but we didn't but overall the trip was fantastic it was good the weather wasn't cooperating but we still caught some rainbows and Dolly Parton I was really wanting to get one silver Coho because my wife loves salmon, just not the right time of the year for us but the total experience very good you just got to be here at the peak times and unfortunately we're not but the fishing was still pretty good

Wilmar Salo
Tacoma, Washington
Рыбачил с Cooper Landing Fishing Guide Июль 22, 2018
Get recommendations to make sure the outfitter is honest about what he intends to deliver. I was looking for a FLOAT TRIP from Cooper Landing. Instead I got shore side fishing by Sterling, nowhere near scenic Cooper Landing. Had I gotten a FLOAT TRIP from Cooper I would have been happy even if I had gotten no fish. I know you can't promise fish, but you CAN promise AND deliver a FLOAT TRIP.

Dustin Johnston
Herndon, VA
Рыбачил с Alaskan Angling Adventures Июль 4, 2018
Check the Alaskan wildlife site to see which fish are running or if they have closed the season for certain fish.

Megan Lewis
Willis, TX
Рыбачил с Kenai River Trout Anglers Июнь 20, 2018
If it's rained heavily, don't take a group out fishing when the river is 2x it's normal height. The fishing is horrible.

Lorraine Lively
La Grange, Illinois
Рыбачил с Kenai River Trout Anglers Июль 6, 2017
Fishing in Cooper Landing was excellent. I plan to go back to Cooper Landing in the future and would recommend this location as a great place for an excellent fishing experience.