What would you recommend to anglers fishing in George Town for the first time?

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Ryan Weaver
Franklin, TN
Рыбачил с Cayman Live Bait Июль 22, 2023
July is a bit slower fishing, so I'd research the best time of year to fish for a better bite. Be prepared with your own snacks if you are particular, and definitely bring a UV dri-fit fishing shirt and a hat to protect you from the sun.

Manny Tafoya
North Side
Рыбачил с Stress Relief Charters – Dusky Июнь 5, 2019
Deep sea means something different to us in Texas, usually means a long boat ride out to blue water. Deep in the Caymans is a few hundred yards from shore. Makes your time on the water a lot better, since you are in the fishing zone within minutes.

John Choi
Northbrook, IL
Рыбачил с Stress Relief Charters – Dusky Декабрь 8, 2019
Told the captain we had young kids, so catching a good amount of fish was the goal more than keepers. Mission accomplished, plus the boat ride was fun and fast.

Gregg Cavaliere
George Town
Рыбачил с Captain Mark Ebank's Charters Май 21, 2019
Beautiful weather! A bit rocky on the boat but with a little patience you will catch more fish than you expect!

Kevin Clinton
Kansas City, MO
Рыбачил с Stress Relief Charters – Fountain Март 26, 2019
Request a specific fish you would like to catch. For me Tarpon would have been the fish of choice.