What would you recommend to anglers fishing in Manistee, Michigan for the first time?

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Peggy Lee
Stillman Valley, IL
Рыбачил с Slipknot Charters Апрель 14, 2018
We ended up having to reschedule due to weather. May is a better month if planning on catching Salmon as they are just coming out and weather is a little warmer. Just dress for the weather in layers because you can always shred the layers to stay comfortable.

Dennis Good
Jackson, Michigan
Рыбачил с Slipknot Charters Июль 21, 2017
Do your research and book a Charter with an experienced, knowledgeable, Capt. who has lots of good reviews. These are the pros and know where the fish are and how to get them. Bring light jacket as temps on water can be quite cooler than on shore. Although charters can take up to 6 people, 3-4 people is best as you get optimum rotation on the "hot" rods without crowding. Have fun.

Tiffany Hynes
St. Louis, MI
Рыбачил с Dog Bone Charters Июнь 26, 2020
Contact Dog Bone Charter. They are true professionals and want you to catch fish!

Gary Keelean
Hudsonville, MI
Рыбачил с Slipknot Charters Июль 25, 2019
Lake fishing was great, did a river fishing trip, not much fish caught, but scenery was more than great. Would do again.

Jim/jan Keister
Bakersfield, CA
Рыбачил с Slipknot Charters Май 31, 2019
Contact Captain Lenny and be ready to be ready to crank away bringing in your own monsters of Lake Michigan. Worth every penny.

Ilie Antonie
Clarkston, Michigan
Рыбачил с Slipknot Charters Июнь 24, 2019
Take your picture camera. If not nobody will believe how big of a fish u catch.

Donald Oehmke
Irons, MI
Рыбачил с Freddie B Sport Fishing Charters Июль 23, 2018
It can be quite cold out there even in the middle of summer - like 50F. Dress appropriately.

Marc Perkola
Novi, MI
Рыбачил с Michigan Sport Fishing Company Июль 7, 2018
There’s quite a few charters, do your homework and pick a decent size boat with experienced crew.