What would you recommend to anglers fishing in Ellijay, Georgia for the first time?

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Earl Morris
Belgrade, Belgrade
Рыбачил с Fish Slayer Fishing Guide Июнь 14, 2024
It was hot, but great to be on the water in good weather! Do be prepared, in this type of heat the fish will tend not to bite as frequently or at all, it’s tough finding them and even harder to get them to bite!

Bruce Dugan
Рыбачил с Fish Slayer Fishing Guide Октябрь 11, 2023
Do yourself a favor if you haven’t fished Carters Lake and hire a guide. I caught two strippers each over 36 inches plus a half dozen spotted bass on a four hour trip with Captain Len Slay on Carters Lake in October 2023

Tarus Rodgers
Dallas, TX
Рыбачил с Dedicated Outdoors Май 2, 2019
Fish for striped, hybrid and spotted bass because you will easily catch catfish.