What would you recommend to anglers fishing in Hampton, Virginia for the first time?

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Ted Parks
Fredericksburg, VA
Рыбачил с Fish Tales Sportfishing Август 17, 2019
I was amazed at the marine life in the Hampton area of the Chesapeake Bay. I saw more fish of various species in one day than I could have imagined. Red and black drum, spade fish, cobia, sheepshead, cutlassfish, dolphins (by the dozens), and even a sea turtle up close to the boat. The Bay water was beautiful, clean, and clear. If you ever go out once, you will be hooked for life.

Brian Edgar
Hampton, VA
Рыбачил с Fish Tales Sportfishing Август 16, 2019
Spanish were hitting pretty well for our trip. Good for a sure catch. Support your local private charters.

Sheria Rutherford
Newport News, VA
Рыбачил с AM Services Июнь 14, 2023
Always bring a hat and long sleeve shirt and a positive attitude and get ready to have some fun.

Wesley Frink
Chester, VA
Рыбачил с Four Winds Chartering Июль 31, 2021
You never know the weather when boosts trip. And the wind did not play in our favor