What would you recommend to anglers fishing in Freeport for the first time?

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Jeff Feehley
Nassau, New Providence District
Рыбачил с Whitney Rolle’s Firefly Bonefish Июнь 22, 2018
The inshore reef fishing, bonefish on a fly rod and snapper with a bait caster, was a great experience. So many types of fish, but not enough time to catch them. There is also so much more to the trip than just fishing. The ecology of the area is incredible, sharks, rays tarpon, barracuda, turtles.. Not to mention the most beautiful water I've ever seen, and I have fished in many places in the world. My fun meter was pegged.

Brendan Van Sickle
Orlando, Florida
Рыбачил с Island Life Tours – 32' Февраль 19, 2019
Go and let them charter you and enjoy an amazing conversation with the locals, they are knowledgeable and funny. If motion sickness is possible take some meds and go keep your lines tight!

Payton Crawford
Gainesville, GA
Рыбачил с Tailin' Boner Charters Январь 4, 2019
Any type of game fish, our weather was not very cooperative this trip but I plan to return at a later date.

Mike Holman
Nassau, NP
Рыбачил с Island Life Tours – 20' Июль 26, 2018
Fishing was a bit slow this time of year. Scattered weed lines not holding much fish. Lots of Baracuda and Spanish Mackeral.

Ron Coleman
Рыбачил с Tailin' Boner Charters Апрель 28, 2018
Definitely would recommend this fishing trip. We had a great time and had a successful fishing trip.