What would you recommend to anglers fishing in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal for the first time?

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Edger Brooks
Рыбачил с Blu-Ray Апрель 7, 2024
Make sure you check the weather forecast well before the time and check daily as they weather changes. Also follow-up on the costal news to hear how the anglers have been doing.

Laurie Smart
Lusaka, Lusaka Province
Рыбачил с Blu-Ray Май 20, 2023
May is not the time to go trolling for big ones, but the reef fishing is great. Not huge fish but many different and interesting species.

Elena Ruzmetova
Boston, MA
Рыбачил с Sting Ray Октябрь 29, 2022
Try to avoid windy weather because fish does not bite. Take tablets to prevent sea sickness two hours before the trip. Don't eat breakfast

Alan Stevens
Braintree, England
Рыбачил с Hookup Fishing Charters Durban Июнь 3, 2022
A world class venue both for beach and boat fishing. Massive sharks as well as superb eating fish. My favourite venue anywhere.

Gary Alberts
Herisau, AR
Рыбачил с Lynski Game and Reef Fishing Charters Июль 27, 2019
If heading out to sea always use a tried, tested and reputable team!! The lads at Lynski we’re awesome and come highly recommended

Neels Wentzel
Centurion, GP
Рыбачил с Blue Water Charters - Nawty Girl Апрель 25, 2019
The severe storms made it a challenge one can plan all not the weather. Have fun.