What would you recommend to anglers fishing in San Jose Del Cabo, Baja California Sur for the first time?

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Bill Mitchell
Arvada, CO
Рыбачил с Daliken Sportfishing Март 14, 2020
The waters around San Jose were great to fish!! Lots of people, including ourselves, caught fish during our mid-March trip (Tuna, snapper, Marlin). Just to make things even better, there were whales playing everywhere; quite an amazing place. I highly recommend it if you have the chance.

Rebecca Church
Tacoma, Washington
Рыбачил с IndiGo Adventures - The Panga Январь 23, 2018
Find a knowledgeable fisherman who knows where the spots are in the water for catching the best fish. Also beware of the seals- they are lazy and wait for your fish to be caught on the hook to snatch them right from you. Happened with three of our fish.

Steve Hipps
San José Del Cabo, BCS
Рыбачил с Daliken Sportfishing Март 8, 2020
Keep an open mind, don't let what you want to catch, versus what you do catch determine the quality of time on the water. Because, remember, its all about the tug!

Wilfredo Maldonado
Orlando, Florida
Рыбачил с Exotic Fish Cabo Июнь 28, 2018
To most defiantly consider the fellas Lalo and Loic at Exotic/Fish-Cabo, they will give you an extraordinary fishing experience at San Jose del Cabo!

John Seferovich
Lawrence, Kansas
Рыбачил с Exotic Fish Cabo Май 30, 2017
Select an outfit experienced in the type of fishing you want (Pacific deep sea vs. Sea of Cortez) and the species you're interested in fishing for; then select based on ratings.

Brett Klages
Sandy, OR
Рыбачил с Exotic Fish Cabo Ноябрь 7, 2018
Fishing is not catching - do your researcher - if you are set on catching then book for three days