What would you recommend to anglers fishing in San Jose Del Cabo, Baja California Sur for the first time?

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Johnnie Cavin
Cave Junction, OR
Рыбачил с Daliken Sportfishing Ноябрь 6, 2022
Make sure that you have a good reel, the ones that they provide are slow and old, they make dorado fish hard to reel in, and very difficult when you land a strip marlin. That would be my suggestion, maybe bring your own reel.

Gary Kraus
Dellwood, MN
Рыбачил с Split Decision II – Luxurious 38' Сентябрь 27, 2021
We try to book a couple of weeks before the big marlin tournament. Three years ago we hooked up on big tuna and even red snapper. This year (2021) - nothing. San Jose Del Cabo is way nicer than going all the way to Cabo San Lucas. Great golf there too with the best on course tacos ever!

William Buel
San Francisco, CA
Рыбачил с Captain Pollo Sportfishing Май 30, 2021
Bring a Cooler, bleed your fish, request plenty of ice on the boat, don't tip til the trip is over...also keep a keen eye on your fish as they leave the boat...there are a ton of opportunities for people to grab one from your wheelbarrow without you noticing

Bill Mitchell
Arvada, CO
Рыбачил с Daliken Sportfishing Март 14, 2020
The waters around San Jose were great to fish!! Lots of people, including ourselves, caught fish during our mid-March trip (Tuna, snapper, Marlin). Just to make things even better, there were whales playing everywhere; quite an amazing place. I highly recommend it if you have the chance.

Carl Immediato
Bloomington, MN
Рыбачил с Daliken Sportfishing Март 6, 2023
Get an Uber or taxi for early morning fishing. It's a little confusing driving to the marina in the early morning from the hotel strip.

Grant Gallagher
Houston, TX
Рыбачил с Captain Pollo Ноябрь 8, 2022
Mahi mahi tastes amazing best fish since I don’t like tuna. oh and they are pretty if you didn’t notice

Chad Harrison
Roanoke, TX
Рыбачил с Los Cabos Adventures Апрель 22, 2022
Research best times of the year, talk to others who have had success in desired location.

Steve Hipps
San José Del Cabo, BCS
Рыбачил с Daliken Sportfishing Март 8, 2020
Keep an open mind, don't let what you want to catch, versus what you do catch determine the quality of time on the water. Because, remember, its all about the tug!